Attached you will find a news release containing the following: 4 pages, easy read, large print, pdf format. If you cannot open attachment, please contact me and I will resend in another email format. A.) A Farmer's Guide to Determining Pounds Claimed in Dean Foods/SMA Settlement, [may be used as a take-out with proper referencing to AgriVoice, in any other media print publications or 'shared email news' form] B.) A FAQ's Section based on repeated producer phone calls and questions in recent days and weeks C.) News release is designed to used in its entirety or as segments per an editor's space; proper referencing should be noted D.) Producers receiving this are asked to read carefully - this is a process of details, that count. Simple might be the wish, but simple is not the answer. The most common issues and questions are summarized and addressed that have come to my attention per many producer phone calls in recent days as farmer/claimants complete these claims forms for mailing in the next week. E.) If a recipient has further questions, feel free to contact me. Any updates will follow accordingly. There will be a Motions Hearing tomorrow prior to July 10th trial date - Oral Arguments by the Attorneys for Plaintiffs and Defendants will be heard on why DFA rank-and-file members should be recertified back into litigation class. DFA Board Members have previously been excluded. Reports will follow in next couple of days. Julie Walker 423-341-1745 4.17.2012