McLanahanMcLanahan has recently introduced roll press technology to its line of Rotary Liquid-Solid Separation equipment. The Roll Press will complement the operation of Rotary Separators by offering dairy producers an alternative to screw press technology for dewatering manure solids.

Separated solids from rotary screens are fed into the Roll Press at about 10% TS (total solids). The solids are then pressed to remove excess water to produce a stackable, compostable product. A single stage press produces a stackable product at about 16% TS. A double stage press produces solids in the range of 22% to 28% TS, which can be stockpiled with no leachate. A triple stage press - as you will see in video - further decreases the moisture to about 25% to 32% TS. The presses are manufactured of stainless steel and built to provide years of reliable operation.