"Blueprint for Protecting Children in Agriculture: The 2012 National Action Plan" takes an updated look at preventing childhood agricultural injury and death. The Blueprint endeavor builds upon the 1996 plan that launched a national initiative leading to a reduction in nonfatal injuries among children who live on, visit and work on farms. The 2012 Blueprint re-sets priorities to reflect changes in agricultural production and worker profiles. The Blueprint is a product of input from the general public as well as leading researchers in childhood agricultural safety and health. Draft versions of goals and strategies were critiqued by nearly 100 stakeholders, and then posted online to solicit further public input. The 38-page report emphasizes the need for:
  • Affordable, accessible and high-quality child care options for farm families and hired farm workers.
  • Increased involvement of employers, farm organizations and agribusinesses in creating a culture of safety.
  • Improved injury and fatality data collection, with inclusion of under-represented populations such seasonal workers and the Amish and Mennonite communities.
  • Increased attention to reaching young farm parents and teen workers via social media outlets.
To receive a print copy of the 2012 Blueprint document, contact the National Children's Center, nccrahs@mcrf.mfldclin.edu or 1-800-662-6900. To view the full media release, go to Marshfield Clinic's website. 4.26.2012