DPPFarms Technology LLC has announced that its DPPSM (Dynamic Pricing PlatformSM) grain desk, the proprietary online electronic grain exchange, will expand its trading period from 17 to 22 hours to match the increased trading schedule of the CME Group, the nation's primary futures exchange.

CME is slated to start its expanded hours Monday, May 21. The DPP grain desk will also mirror the CME trading hours as they expand.

Using patented E-Pit technology, which facilitates instant electronic hedging and eliminates slippage, DPP grain desk allows growers to obtain their asking prices and buyers to obtain their future hedges. Fully automated hedging and purchasing of grain allow growers to execute cash sales of grain anytime markets are trading.

Farms Technology has been pioneering electronic grain trading for farmers and commodity buyers since 2003, and it has never seen greater demand for DPP.

"Our team is extremely busy right now adding buyers and delivery points to DPP, and we will be ready whenever the CME markets are trading," says Jason Tatge, CEO of Farms Technology. "Changes in the CME hours have prompted grain merchants to implement at unprecedented rates."

Grain markets don't stop moving when buyers go home for the evening, because traders live in a global commodity market. Savvy farmers are using pricing targets to take advantage of the increased volatility in the futures markets. Using DPP allows them to get their price whenever the market opportunity presents itself.

The DPP mobile application further positions Farms Technology as the place to buy and sell grain from iPhones or android enabled smartphones. In the last month alone, half of the total traffic on DPP resulted from app- and mobile-enabled devices.

"Our team is currently working with many new buyers to configure their trading application and mobile solutions prior to the 22-hour trading session," says Kevin Heikes, vice president of operations for Farms Technology. "The key to our success has been our time-tested, hands-on training/support and the ability to configure automatic trading and mobile solutions for buyers as well as agricultural producers."

Farms Technology, L.L.C., is the industry leader for electronic grain marketing and has been serving the grain business by providing the electronic marketplaces with a mission of providing simple, useful tools to farmers and grain buyers that help improve efficiencies.