Novartis Introduces Cattle Vaccine Literature Library App for iPads

• Fast, convenient access to disease and product information
• Includes more than 50 journal articles, product brochures, technical updates
• Available for download free at the iTunes App Store

Novartis Animal Health announces the release of a new app designed specifically for U.S. cattle veterinarians and producers. The Novartis Cattle Vaccine Literature Library app provides fast and convenient access to over 50 product brochures, technical bulletins, journal articles and other reference tools that focus on cattle health management. The Novartis app is free and available for download at the iTunes® App store.

Novartis Vaccine app

"Many of our customers have begun using iPads® as a business management tool for their veterinary practice or livestock operation," said Scott Morey, senior marketing manager with the Farm Animal Business of Novartis Animal Health. "Creating an app that puts a complete reference library of information about Novartis products at their fingertips just makes sense. It's a good example of how we're constantly adapting to meet the needs of our customers."

Morey said the Novartis Cattle Vaccine Literature Library is very easy to use and will be a helpful tool for veterinarians and their staffs, as well as beef and dairy producers.

In addition to product brochures, journal articles and technical bulletins, the Novartis Cattle Vaccine Literature Library includes special "Catalog Sheets" for vaccines that feature product indications, directions for use, administration instructions, efficacy data and a technical review on each of the diseases a vaccine is labeled to control.

Novartis The app includes information on several Novartis cattle vaccines including BRD Shield™, Clostri Shield®, Fusogard®, NUPLURA® PH, Pinkeye Shield®, Scour Bos® and Vira Shield®. To download the app, click the iTunes App Store button on your iPad and type Novartis Cattle Literature Library in the search field. Once the Novartis icon appears, simply click "install".