Dr. Chad Risley was recently named the American Feed Industry Association's 2012 Members of the Year. AFIA's Member of the Year award is given to an individual who exhibited amazing support in helping the association achieve its goals and objectives over the previous year. Dr. Risley received the honor because of his work and dedication to the feed industry, which was bestowed during the recent annual meeting of AFIA's Board of Directors.

Chad Risley

Dr. Risley (middle) with Bill Barr and Joel Newman.

Dr. Risley is the general manager of Lucta U.S.A. Inc., where he is responsible for the day to day operations for Lucta U.S.A.'s three visions: feed additives, fragrances and flavors. Despite his commitment to Lucta, Dr. Risley has always found the time to be an active member of AFIA.

Dr. Risley chaired AFIA's Ingredient Approval and Definition Committee (IADC) from 2009-2010. Demonstrating his dedication to AFIA and his commitment to a successful feed ingredient industry, he volunteered to chair the IADC for a second term, when the chair elect was unable to fulfill the roll. Dr. Risley is also the IADC liaison for the AFIA Sustainability Initiative, leading the "Embracing Innovation" work group.

He was instrumental in leading the IADC in the completion of the Guide to the Ingredient Approval Process in the United States. The guide, which is in the final stage of review, was created to help the feed industry better understand the options for feed ingredient approval processes in the U.S. and can be used as a tool to determine which path best suits the new ingredient being developed.

Showing yet his further support for AFIA, Dr. Risley serves as a member of the Board of Directors. He is a member of the AFIA Nutrition Committee and serves on the non-ruminant subcommittee. When the Nutrition Council was evolving into a committee and member interest group, he chaired a redesign task force and accepted the role of chair in charge of implementing the plan.

He volunteered to serve on AFIA's newly established work groups for the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), is a member of the Government Action Team and of the member interest groups for equine, international trade, pet food, purchasing and ingredient suppliers and quality.

For his untiring efforts, support and strong leadership in finalizing this important guide for AFIA and his leadership of the Ingredient Approval and Definition Committee, it is fitting that Dr. Risley be this year's recipient of the AFIA Member of the Year Award.

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