describe photoClean, dry sand is essential when it comes to maximizing cow comfort and milk production. McLanahan Corporation, already a leader in sand-manure separation, is revolutionizing sand recycling with the dairy industry's first Dewatering Screens.

Sand used in industrial applications (concrete, asphalt, foundries, etc.) must be free of most water, similar to sand used for dairy cow bedding. McLanahan Corporation has a long history of supplying non-agricultural industries with Dewatering Screens used to increase sand dryness. Vibratory screens function by shaking the damp sand to shear off water attached to the sand grains. The "freed" water filters through a bed of sand maintained on the screen media.

McLanahan Corporation has taken this proven technology and now offers Dewatering Screens to the dairy industry. With Dewatering Screens, sand moisture content can be reduced down to 8%. The result? Quicker recycling turn-around time for recycled sand. Shorter recycling intervals mean less sand inventory, all while improving cow health. Inventoried sand represents your cash not working for you. For instance, for a 1000 cow dairy and a sand cost of $10.00/ton, reducing sand inventory from 90 days to 5 days puts $21,250 back into your pocket. See what reducing sand inventory means to your bottom line.