Starring Olympic-bound Hopeful Athletes

MilkPEP announced the latest National Milk Mustache "got milk"?®"ad (see attached) featuring basketball all-star Carmelo Anthony, track and field world record-holder Kerron Clement, taekwondo World Champion Steven Lopez, world champion gymnast Aly Raisman and world-class swimmer Dara Torres as part of the ongoing The Breakfast Project campaign. From the basketball court to the balance beam, the new ad showcases these London-bound hopeful athletes enjoying milk with breakfast, which helps fuel their hectic practice routines.

Olympians in got milk? ad

The Breakfast Project launched earlier this year and aims to help more Americans start their mornings with breakfast at home with milk. The goal is to makeover America's mornings by encouraging them to always reach for milk - whether in a latte or smoothie, on cereal, or straight from the glass - to have a powerful impact on the way they face their days.

For these athletes, a good breakfast including milk helps set the tone for the day. Milk provides fuel and nutrients we all need - it's a natural source of high-quality protein to build and repair muscles, is rich in calcium and vitamin D for strong bones and naturally provides B vitamins for energy.

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