Angel Aguilar Lallemand Animal Nutrition, is pleased to announce the placement of Angel Aguilar as Technical Services, Dairy. He joined Lallemand in May 2012. He has a B Sc., degree in Animal Sciences from Monterrey Technical Institute, an M.Sc. degree in Ruminant Nutrition from Texas Tech University and, and a Ph.D. degree in Nutrition from the University of California, Davis. He was an Assoc. Professor at Colorado State University for over seven years where he taught and conducted research in Ruminant Nutrition. He then spent over twenty years working for Elanco Animal Health, where he held several assignments in the US and abroad. Most recently, he was a Nutrition Consultant for Vitaplus.

Lallemand, Inc. is a privately held Canadian company specialized in yeast, bacteria and yeast derivatives, for animal nutrition, baking, winemaking and pharmaceutical industries. Lallemand is the only major supplier of yeast and bacteria that is a primary producer of both, and is a recognized leader in screening for optimized microbial strains for feed, food and ethanol applications.