Holstein Association USA's 2013 Annual Meeting Delegate Election Now Underway

Holstein Association USA's delegate election process is currently underway. Each year, members have the opportunity to nominate members from their state to serve as voting delegates at the following year's Holstein Association USA Annual Business Meeting, held in conjunction with the National Holstein Convention. Next year's Annual Meeting will be held July 10 and 11 in Indianapolis, Ind. Nominating petitions have been mailed to members and must be returned on or before the July 30 deadline.

Members become ineligible to serve as a delegate for one year, after serving as a delegate at three consecutive Annual Meetings. The following individuals, listed by state, are ineligible to be nominated to serve as a delegate in 2013:
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Donald T. Bennink, Florida
David F. Rottinghaus, Kansas
James W. Davenport, Jr., Kentucky
David V. Lease, Maryland
George A. Hunt, Jr., Massachusetts
Janice K. Albrecht, Minnesota
Genie Lorenzo Roberts, New Jersey
Alicia Lamb, New York
Charles E. McEvoy, New York
Howard W. Wolfe, New York
Thomas L. Thorbahn, Ohio
Allan Hanselman, Oregon
David W. Bitler, Pennsylvania
Keith E. Decker, Pennsylvania
Dean W. Jackson, Pennsylvania
Richard N. Mellinger, Pennsylvania
Seth Major, Tennessee
Linda Keene Hodorff, Wisconsin
Kevin Jorgensen, Wisconsin

Delegates are responsible for voting on officer and director candidates, any proposed bylaw amendments, and resolutions presented at the Annual Meeting. Members are encouraged to nominate individuals from their state who they think will be interested in serving as a delegate to the Annual Meeting. It is also recommended to nominate more than the number of delegates allowed for their state, as some elected delegates are often unable to serve, and alternates are needed. Alternates may only serve if they had been previously nominated on a petition.

Once a member is nominated, notification will be sent to them from the Holstein Association USA office. Prior to accepting the nomination, nominees should consider whether or not they will be able to attend the Annual Meeting. If nominees do not wish to serve as a delegate or feel they will be unable to attend the Annual Meeting, they should request their name be removed from the ballot. The Holstein Association USA office must be notified by August 2, 2012, if a nominee does not wish for their name to appear on the official ballot. Delegate election ballots will be mailed to members in late August, and must be returned to the Holstein Association USA office no later than October 8, 2012. Those on the ballot will be notified of election results in November.

With questions about the Holstein Association USA delegate process, contact Jodi Hoynoski at jhoynoksi@holstein.com or 800.952.5200, ext. 4261.