The endowment of the AJCC Research Foundation increased by $14,390 from proceeds of a benefit auction on June 28. 2012 hosted by William and Gwen Pearl at Pearlmont Farm, Barnet, Vt.

An audience of 400-plus participated in the fun, action-packed event that also included a silent auction. Lynn Lee, Smyrna, Tenn., donated his services for the live auction.

The day's top bid, $5,500, was for the #7 Eustis Jersey cow sculpture, donated by Frances S. McGinnis, Kinards, S.C., in memory of her husband, past AJCC President and Distinguished Service Award recipient W. Charles McGinnis. C. A. Russell, Hilmar, Calif., was the successful bidder for the model created and hand-painted by Francis Eustis, who will be honored as a Pioneer of National Dairy Shrine in October. In immaculate condition, it was one of 200 commissioned in 1983 by the American Jersey Cattle Club and sold at the All American Sale that year.

An elaborately framed hand-colored etching based on "Alderney" by Edwin Douglas garnered a bid of $2,150 from Elsa Sherman, Hilmar, Calif. The original 1878 painting is held by the Tate Gallery in London, with the restrike etchings being very popular in the United States. Estimated at 120 years old and in extraordinary condition, it was donated by Sheldon Sawyer, Walpole, N.H. Proceeds were split equally between the Research Foundation and the New England Jersey Breeders Association, host of the 2012 AJCA-NAJ Annual Meetings.

Bidding was fierce for two breed promotion artworks from the early 1900s. An exact size reproduction of the "Jersey Creamline" milkmaid, a watercolor painting used for advertising by the American Jersey Cattle Club, sold for $1,900 to David Endres, Lodi, Wis.

One of the 100 posters printed in 1905 to publicize the Jersey "Victors in the Dairy Cow Demonstration" at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in St. Louis, Mo., was offered by Bryce Elliott and Heather Brigham, Barton, Vt. The final bid of $1,000 was made by auctioneer Lynn Lee for the poster in its original oak frame. The 29" x 30" piece was distributed by the Club to ag experiment stations and other educational institutions.

William Labaki, proprietor of Fazenda Limoeiro outside of São Paulo Brazil, placed a phone bid of $900 for the AJCC Silver Medal presented in 1928 to Pride's St. Mawes Neoline. The medal was accompanied by an extensive collection of pictures, newspaper clippings, and letters about the cow's owner, David Storey. It was donated by Dennis Halladay, Western editor for Hoard's Dairyman from Meridian, Idaho.

Richard Avila, Dalhart, Texas, was an ever-present bidder in both the live and silent auctions, taking home three items for a total of $1,010. These were the 1921 leather-bound and marked catalog from the 1921 Meridale Farm Sale, donated by K. R. and J.A. Nunn of Kingaroy, Queensland, Australia; a framed Schreiber lithograph of Arawana Belle 3rd AJCC 6161, from Bryce Elliott and Heather Brigham; and two High Lawn Farm yearbooks, from 1952 and 1962.

The honor of purchasing the most lots went to Walter and Kathryn Christ, Metamora, Ill. Their selections included a framed Jersey milk ad donated by Paul Chittenden, Schodack Landing, N.Y., for $525, plus catalogs and books donated variously by Dr. David Weickert, West Bend, Wis.; Jim Staley of Shepherdstown, W.Va.; Thomas Benson, New Lebanon Center, N.Y.; and the Nunns. Their purchases totaled $815.

A keepsake box handcrafted by Jerry England, Columbus, Ohio, and donated by Jerry and his wife Paula, brought a $500 bid from Martin Donovan, Portland, Maine. Donovan also purchased a cheese sampler-gift box donated by Cabot Cooperative for $125.

Two more framed artworks were donated by Bryce Elliott and Heather Brigham, each bringing bids of $200. The print of Winsome Pinny by Eugene Hoy for Purina went to Benny Rector, Hilmar, Calif., while Heather Lord, Lee, Mass., took the 1955 ideal Jersey cow painting by Edwin Megargee.

Other items sold were a framed Jersey breed promotion ad donated by Paul Chittenden, and purchased for $400 by Steve and Lynda Bachelor, Angola, Ind. Catalogs donated by Jerry, Wanda and Katarina Emerich, Mooers, N.Y., generated $165 from Alex Steer, Dalhart, Texas, and Lynn Lee. Other catalogs donated by Jim Staley in memory of his father, Tom, brought a total of $205 from Yvonne Parmley, Brighton, Colo.; Brad Barham, Columbus, Ohio; and Phil Gordon, Syracuse, Ind. Linda Peterson, Burbank, Ohio, bid $45 to purchase the 1922-23 Jersey Island Herd Book that was in the Elm Hill Farm library, donated by Scott and Moira Poitras, Brimfield, Mass.

Established in 1967, the AJCC Research Foundation is a 501(c)(3) permanent trust operated exclusively to promote and sponsor scientific research in the dairy industry. Gifts assigned to the use of the Foundation are deductible for Federal estate and gift purposes, and may be made at any time. Current funding priorities are:

· Nutrition of high-producing Jerseys, particularly practical feeding methods to maximize production of valuable milk components;

· Factors affecting management of Jersey calves;

· Factors affecting yield and/or quality of products manufactured from Jersey milk;

· Factors affecting economic impact of Jerseys: efficiencies, net income, longevity, and lifetime profit;

· Optimizing the genetic basis for improving animal health and/or enhancing product quality;

· Enhancing environmental impact associated with Jerseys;

· New technologies for safe and sustainable food production from Jersey cattle; and

· Feasibility of adding value and increasing consumer acceptance of Jersey-derived products through enhanced product quality and branding.

Next year's benefit auction will be held in conjunction with the annual meetings of the American Jersey Cattle Association and National All-Jersey Inc. in Amarillo, Texas.

To discuss donations for the 2013 Benefit Auction, contact auction coordinator Dr. Cherie Bayer at 614/322-4456.

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