N. Andy Cole, Ph.D., an expert on ruminant animal nutrition and production, was recognized for his professional achievements by the American Society of Animal Science this week. Cole is the research leader of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Research Service (USDA-ARS) Laboratory in Bushland, Texas.

The Ruminant Animal Nutrition Award was presented July 16 during the annual American Society of Animal Science meeting in Phoenix, Arizona. The award is sponsored by the American Feed Industry Association as part of its continuing awards program that dates back to 1948.

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Dr. Cole received his Bachelor of Science degree from West Texas State University, and his master's and doctorate degrees from Oklahoma State University. He joined USDA-ARS Laboratory in Bushland, Texas, in 1976, where his research focused on nutrition and management of transport-stressed feeder calves, and more recently, environmental issues of importance to concentrated beef cattle feeding operations.

As a leading researcher in the industry, Dr. Cole has received over $2 million in grants over the last decade. He is a past recipient of the ASAS Animal Management and Fellow Awards and has served as Secretary of the American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists.

Dr. Cole has authored more than 200 publications and served on the editorial boards of the Journal of Animal Science and Professional Animal Scientist, and is an editor of the Journal of Animal Science.

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