Dairy Smartphone Apps – compiled by Hoard's Dairyman

Hoard's Dairyman Apps

World Dairy Expo 2012
While a printed Expo supplement has been and will continue to be a Hoard's Dairyman staple, we wanted to enhance the experience for all of our readers who set foot on the Alliant Energy Center grounds or keep tabs on the show from home.

Learn more: http://www.hoards.com/HAE_app-info
Platforms: iOS, Android, BlackBerry and mobile web at http://on.hoards.com/WDE-app

Dairy Market Central
Dairy Market Central combines the latest news, markets, weather and resources. It was created by Merck Animal Health in partnership with Hoard's Dairyman magazine.

Learn more: http://www.hoards.com/IB_Merck-dairy-market-central-app
Platforms: iOS and Android

Extension Agriculture Apps

Aphid Speed Scout by University of Nebraska
Speed scouting is a different way to determine if soybean aphids have reached the 250 aphids per plant threshold. It relies on the number of "infested" plants. Plants are considered "infested" if there are 40 or more aphids on that sample. No more having to try to count all the aphids on a plant to determine whether it has reached the threshold of 250 aphids per plant. This helps you quickly determine - yes or no - whether the plant has 40 aphids and would be considered "infested." It then recommends further scouting or treatment options based on the number of "infested" plants in a given area.

Learn more: http://real.unl.edu/iOS/AphidSpeedScout/
Platforms: iOS
Cost: Free

DairyCents: Track Income Over Feed Costs and Feed Prices
PSU Dairy Cents is a mobile app offering two features – a quick calculation of income over feed costs and price comparison of various forages, grains and commodities to the Penn State Feed Price List and other users of the database.

Learn more: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dairycents-track-income-over/id549872815?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D4
Platforms: Apple (iOS)
Cost: Free

N Price Calculator by University of Wisconsin
This app allows you to compare the price of various forms of nitrogen fertilizer products in terms of their price per pound of nitrogen.
Nitrogen fertilizers such as anhydrous ammonia, urea, and urea ammonium nitrate (UAN) vary in their nitrogen content and are sold on a price per ton basis. This app converts the price of each fertilizer product from price per ton to price per pound of nitrogen -- allowing for "apples to apples" comparisons.

Learn more: http://ipcm.wisc.edu/apps/n-price-app/
Platforms: Android and Apple (iOS)
Cost: Free

Corn N Rate Calculator by University of Wisconsin
This app is designed to assist producers in selecting a nitrogen (N) rate that improves profitability when nitrogen and corn prices fluctuate. Maximum return to N (MRTN) is the N rate that will be most profitable for a particular N:Corn price ratio. The MRTN rate is the large number expressed in lbs N/acre at the bottom of the screen, and is the total N rate recommended for your field. From this number, you need to subtract the lbs N/acre starter you apply and subtract the lbs N/acre N credits you take. Below the single large number is the range of N rates that result in profitability within $1/acre of the MRTN rate.

Learn more: http://ipcm.wisc.edu/apps/n-rate-app/
Platforms: Android and Apple (iOS)
Cost: Free

IPM Toolkit app
This app allows you to read news articles, view videos, download publications, and access pictures which will aid you in adapting Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices to your agricultural operation.

Learn more: http://ipcm.wisc.edu/apps/ipmtoolkit/
Platform: Apple (iOS)
Cost: Free

Thermal Aid by University of Missouri (not yet available)
Thermal Aid is a simple yet functional app that pulls in live weather data
to help determine if your livestock is affected by heat stress,
and provides tips to minimize the effects of heat

Learn more: http://thermalnet.missouri.edu/ThermalAid/index.html
Platforms: Soon available on iOS and Android
Cost: Not yet available

Apps made by dairy farms:

FOF Dairy

The Fair Oaks Farms App brings you information on one of the United State's largest dairies. The dairy is open to the public and allows visitors to see how a real dairy farm works and where their dairy products come from.

Platform: Apple (iOS)
Cost: Free

Ray-Lin Dairy
This app links to a blog from a family operated progressive California dairy farm. Learn the firsthand accounts of a dairy farmer and his family as they care for the cows and environment.

Learn more: http://www.pcworld.com/appguide/app.html?id=788961&expand=false
Platform: Android
Cost: Free

Commercial company dairy apps

Dairy Source by Elanco
Dairy Source was designed to give producers and others in the industry access to critical, up-to-date information 24 hours a day, no matter where they are. Market reports include milk futures, spot cheese, corn, soybean and crude oil prices. The industry news is to-the-minute, with a continually updated feed. Weather conditions, forecasts and reports come from the National Weather Service. The app also offers information about how Elanco products can benefit dairy businesses.

Learn more: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/elanco-launches-mobile-dairy-app-147656165.html
Platform: Android and Apple (iOS)
Cost: Free

Fertility Improvement Profit Calculator (for United Kingdom)
Optimize the reproductive performance of your dairy cows and capture extra value. The Fertility Improvement Profit Calculator App, developed by DSM Nutritional Products, shows the potential financial benefits on your farm.

Learn more: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fertility-improvement-profit/id473622369?mt=8
Platforms: iOS
Cost: Free

iHerd (Australia)
iHerd has been designed to simplify the herd management process for station owners and managers around the world.

Learn more: http://iherd.com.au/
Platforms: iOS
Cost: Free

Pro Dairy Event, Cattle Breeding and Grass Rotation (Ireland)
These apps ensure that all cow and herd events are tracked with ease. Download Pro Grass Rotation app to take full control of your grass wedge and maximize productivity.

Learn more: http://www.smartfarmapps.com/farming-apps/dairy-farming-apps/
Platforms: iOS and Android
Cost: $11.99 to $30.99

PocketDairy Android by DRMS
The PocketDairy Android app provides vital cow statistics for production, reproduction and udder health. A swipe of the screen reveals lifetime health, vaccination and protocol history. You get unique items like Hold Meat and Hold Milk alerts from PCDART, and you can select which data items appear on your cow or heifer pages (including genomic data). View quick action lists for vet check, breeding, dry off and calving. Filters make it simple to use, even in the largest of herds.

Learn more: http://www.drms.org/pocket.aspx
Platforms: Android
Cost: Free

Tank Mix Calculator by DuPont
The DuPont TankMix Calculator Application lets you quickly and easily calculate how much product and water you need for effective applications based on your acreage or spray tank size.

Learn more: http://www2.dupont.com/Prod_Agriculture/en-us/content/article/tank-mix-app-on-itunes.html
Platforms: Android
Cost: Free

The Virtus Nutrition app hosts a wealth of information for dairy producers, nutritionists and others interested in the latest on Omega fatty acid technology for improved dairy cattle nutrition. Download this app to access the Omega Value Calculator, which provides detailed analysis of the value of feeding Prequel 21 (omega-6s) and StrataG (omega-3s) to transition cows and early breeding cows. Find out how many additional pregnancies, and subsequently calves, that these omegas can have by reducing early embryo loss on your dairy. Explore the key research that explains the impact that the omegas can have by improving both milk production and reproduction in dairy cows.

Learn more: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/virtus/id393482787?mt=8
Platforms: iOS
Cost: Free