Milk Products logoMilk Products is proud to announce the availability of the new elim-A-fly™ Add-Pack with ClariFly® as an addition to the Sav-A-Caf® product line. Formulated specifically for pre-weaned calves, elim-A-fly™ is a daily, oral, feed-through fly-control solution that can be mixed with whole milk or a milk replacer.

"Proper control of flies and their effects can be a challenge for many farmers," commented Sara Sievert, Commercial Marketing Manager at Milk Products. "Flies can be costly to an operation. They reduce feed intake, carry bacteria and spread diseases. All of these factors can ultimately effect animal growth and future production. elim-A-fly™ provides producers a good solution for fly control in a calf's environment."

It is very important to use elim-A-fly™ as part of a farm's integrated fly control program. Its main active ingredient, diflubenzuron, is an EPA-approved Insect Growth Regulator that stops the development of fly larvae in the calves' manure. It prevents the formation of fly larvaes' exoskeletons, ultimately resulting in their death. elim-A-fly™ is effective in controlling horn, face, house, and stable flies.Milk Products photo

elim-A-fly™ is available in two convenient sizes, an 8 lb. plastic pail and a 22.05 lb. paper bag. It can be purchased online and through retailers throughout the United States. For more information about where to purchase elim-A-fly™, please visit