NutriQuest logoNUTRIQUEST is pleased to introduce its ILLUMINATE Services to the dairy industry. ILLUMINATE offers a database of DDGS nutrient loadings from over 140 ethanol plants in the United States to accurately estimate nutritional value and economics allowing dairy producers to select the highest value sources, maximize use and improve performance and profitability in their herds.

"As ethanol plants continue to increase the level of oil extraction from DDGS, understanding how to feed higher levels of DDGS effectively is now more important than ever" states Dr. Ken Purser, General Manager at NUTRIQUEST.

The ILLUMINATE services process is an ongoing and rapid analysis of DDGS samples. ILLUMINATE provides continually updated and validated nutritional reports to NUTRIQUEST dairy customers so they are better able to formulate diets and enhance cost effective animal performance and milk production. "Due to the wide variation among ethanol plants a DDGS feeding rate of 3lb/hd/day has the ability to produce variation in milk production of over 2 lb/head/day" said Dr. Rob Musser, Director of Technical Sales & Services at NUTRIQUEST.

Increased availability of timely, accurate information regarding the nutrient content and relative performance value of DDGS will help dairy producers to simultaneously reduce feed cost and improve diet quality by formulating to the specific energy and nutrient levels of the selected DDGS source.

While ILLUMINATE services for dairy is new, the ILLUMINATE services process is proven widely used. It was introduced over four years ago to US pork producers and today approximately 50 million pigs per year are fed DDGS selected using ILLUMINATE nutrient loadings. ILLUMINATE was expanded to include broiler, egg and turkey producers 18 months ago and is now widely accepted in the poultry industry.

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