William H. Miner Agricultural Research Institute Publishes Study That Highlights H.J. Baker's MetaboLys® BY-PASS LYSINE Stability When Mixed In TMR

The William H. Miner Agricultural Research Institute has released two studies which compared six rumen protected lysine (RPL) products for both the release of lysine over a 24 hour period in high and low moisture total mixed rations (TMR) and the efficacy of rumen protection of RPL products after mechanical mixing in TMR's. H.J. Baker's MetaboLys® BY-PASS LYSINE performed very well in these studies.

In the first study, after 24 hour exposure in TMR's with either 40% dry matter (DM) or 52% DM, only 3.8% of the lysine in Metabolys® BY-PASS LYSINE was lost. This data suggest that MetaboLys® BY-PASS LYSINE can be used in once daily feeding programs with minimal lysine product loss occurring.

In the second study, Metabolys® BY-PASS LYSINE was placed in Dacron bags, mixed for 6 minutes in a TMR and placed in the rumen for 0, 6, 12 and 24 hours showing a 13.5% Lysine loss. This outcome illustrates that MetaboLys® BY-PASS LYSINE is a strong stable product that can withstand the rigors of mechanical mixing.

The Miner Institute study further supports a University of Georgia study of 6 rumen/duodenal cannulated cows. The results of the University of Georgia cannulated cow study for MetaboLys® BY-PASS LYSINE showed 88.89% rumen bypass of Lysine and 79.37% digestibility of Lysine in the small intestine.

H.J. Baker's Danny Wright MS, PAS stated: "We are honored to have the Miner Institute include MetaboLys® BY-PASS LYSINE in their study and we are very pleased our product performed so well. We have believed for several years that the market needed a proven encapsulated lysine product that performed as designed. This third party research validates the performance of MetaboLys® BY-PASS LYSINE. H.J. Baker continues to provide superior products and outstanding customer service to our clients."

For more information on the William H. Miner Agricultural Research Institute studies please visit their website: http://www.whminer.com/adsa2012.html

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