Kellie Hinman, Wheatland, Wyo., wins Grand Champion in Commercial Hay division with NEXGROW™ Alfalfa 6422Q

NEXGROW™ Alfalfa 6422Q won the top four slots in the Commercial Hay division Wednesday, Oct. 3, at the 29th Annual World Forage Analysis Superbowl* (WFAS) in Madison, Wis. during the World Dairy Expo. Kellie Hinman, a NEXGROW™ Alfalfa grower from Lazy 2K Farms in Wheatland, Wyo., won Grand Champion in the commercial hay division with a fourth-cutting sample of 6422Q.

"We're very happy to see 6422Q take top honors again this year and especially excited to see the variety take the top four spots," said Brent Johnson, NEXGROW™ Alfalfa brand manager. The variety won overall grand champion honors in 2011 in the same national contest. "This variety consistently performs well across all regions. It's extremely winter hardy and is just a great fall dormancy 4 alfalfa. Congratulations to our entrants who have really maximized the quality potential of this NEXGROW variety."

The winning entry scored 270 for relative forage quality (RFQ) and tested 25.7 percent crude protein (CP), 23.9 percent neutral detergent fiber (NDF) and 39.1 percent NDF digestibility. Hinman received $1,500 for taking top honors. Additionally, NEXGROW™ Alfalfa doubles the cash prize for growers who place in the WFAS with a NEXGROW™ Alfalfa variety.

Kellie's father, David Hinman, took second place in the commercial hay division with 6422Q. His entry scored 251 for RFQ, tested 26 percent for CP, 25.3 NDF and 39.4 percent NDF digestibility.

"This variety continues to live up to both our and our customers' expectations, especially in terms of quality," Hinman said of the grand champion entry. "We operate in a 28-day cutting cycle, and expect our alfalfa to stand up to high traffic and green up quickly after cutting. 6422Q excels in both aspects coming back full of leaves ­to the top of the stem."

Taking third and fourth places were Ervin Gara of Wyoming Hay Busters, Torrington, Wyo. Gara took third with a fourth cut entry that scored 254 for RFQ, tested 24.8 percent for CP, 24.5 for NDF and 36.6 percent NDF digestibility. His fourth place entry was a third cut with a 260 RFQ, 25.8 percent CP, 23.9 percent NDF and 38.3 percent NDF digestibility.

"The 6422Q variety has a fine stem and big leaves and that's where you're getting all of your forage quality," said Gara. "Every time I've entered this variety in a contest, I've placed. I've had good luck in the past and I don't want to change my luck in the future. I plan to keep this variety around."

Nearly 350 entries from 23 states competed in the annual WFAS contest held during the World Dairy Expo.

Commercial entries are judged on lab analysis (70 percent) and visual judging (30 percent). Visual judging consists of analyzing the color, texture, maturity and leafiness, depending on the category. Dairyland Laboratories, located in DePere, Wis., tested the samples.

*The organizing partners of the World Forage Analysis Superbowl are AgSource Cooperative Services, DairyBusiness Communications, Hay & Forage Grower/Penton Media, U.S. Dairy Forage Research Center, University of Wisconsin College of Agricultural & Life Sciences, and World Dairy Expo.
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