The actions depicted on the Mercy for Animals video are appalling and completely unacceptable. Dairy farmers in Idaho are as outraged by this video as the public. This incident does not reflect the animal care practices of the hundreds of hard working Idaho dairy farm families across our state who care for their animals every day.
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Idaho's dairy industry takes any claim about animal mistreatment very seriously. Any evidence of animal abuse should be taken to the appropriate state and local authorities who are empowered to investigate those claims. We fully support and endorse the Idaho State Department of Agriculture's ongoing investigation and stand ready to assist.

Many farms across the country have adopted the National Dairy FARM animal care program. FARM is designed to promote the best practices in animal care that the public has come to expect from the dairy sector.

Idaho's 571 dairy farm families depend on healthy cows for their livelihoods. They work hard every day caring for their herds by providing a nutritious diet, good medical care and healthy living conditions. Dairy cows must be healthy and well cared-for in order to produce pure, wholesome milk.

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