Adisseo recently announced plans to build a new plant for the production of Smartamine® M, the rumen-protected methionine for dairy cows. The plant will be located in Commentry, France.
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The new plant is expected to be operational by mid-2014 with capacity to follow Smartamine M customers' demand for the foreseeable future.

The plant will be a fully new, state-of-the-art unit. It will incorporate a number of exclusive, patented process innovations. This will allow Adisseo to remain best-in-class for this technology, while continuing to provide the same top-quality, safe product to its customers.

Adisseo is the world-leading rumen-protected methionine producer. It manufactures and markets Smartamine M and MetaSmart®. The use of these products, when balancing amino acids in dairy cow diets, optimizes protein nutrition and has led to rapid growth in demand worldwide for Smartamine M and MetaSmart.

Smartamine M is the product of choice for non-pelleted protein and feed supplements and mineral & premix operations, with MetaSmart being the product of choice for use in pelleted feeds, liquid feeds, micro machines and high-temperature, abrasive feed mixing conditions.
Smartamine M and MetaSmart provide bio-available methionine for dairy cows. When rations are balanced for methionine, dairy cows typically increase their production, milk protein in particular, and use their diet more efficiently, reducing the environmental burden and improving animal health and fertility. Because lower crude protein levels are fed, producers realize costs savings and environmental benefits from reduced emissions.

About the Adisseo Group:
The Adisseo Group is one of the world's largest manufacturers of nutritional solutions for animals. It designs, manufactures and markets four families of animal feed additives: Rhodimet®, an essential amino acid for monogastric animals (poultry, pigs, etc.); MetaSmart® and Smartamine®, a unique methionine range for ruminants; Rovabio®, a multi-enzyme speciality which improves the digestibility of raw materials and Microvit®, a complete range of vitamins.

In October 2011, Adisseo has acquired Innov'ia, one of the European leaders in the design and contract processing of powdered and granulated ingredients for the food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals industries. Through this transaction, Adisseo Group has strengthened its expertise in the formulation of additives, in research and development and in industrialization.

Worldwide, Adisseo Group employs 1,750 people, has five research and development divisions and seven production facilities in France, Spain and in China. Adisseo serves, through its global distribution network more than 2,500 clients in more than a hundred countries. In 2010, the group's turnover exceeded €1 billion ($1.5 billion USD).

Adisseo Group is one of the main subsidiaries of China National BlueStar, a key player in the chemical industry in China with 27,800 staff and a turnover of 6.3 billion euros.