The first of its kind, the IDEXX milk-based test optimizes reproductive efficiency and helps milk recording laboratories expand their services

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At the recent World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin, IDEXX announced the launch of the IDEXX Milk Pregnancy Test, the first milk-based test for detecting pregnancy as a means of optimizing reproductive efficiency in dairy herds. The ELISA-format test detects pregnancy-associated glycoproteins (PAGs) to determine pregnancy status while minimizing animal handling. With a high level of sensitivity and specificity from ?35 days postbreeding and > 60 days postcalving, producers can work with dairy herd improvement (DHI) organizations to get early, accurate confirmation of open cows in less than 3.5 hours.

"Expanding the use of DHI milk samples to include confirmation of pregnancy is a simple, cost-effective way for producers to increase the efficiency of their total operation," says Olivier te Boekhorst, VP General Manager, IDEXX Livestock and Poultry Diagnostics. "At the same time, the IDEXX Milk Pregnancy Test also helps recording laboratories make their herd health management programs more attractive to their customers."

The IDEXX Milk Pregnancy Test seamlessly integrates into existing lab-based work flows. "We're excited to provide milk laboratories with a new revenue stream that adds value for their customers, shortening calving intervals to increase milk production and giving veterinarians the information and time they need to initiate proactive, preventive medicine," says Hannah Pearse, Marketing Manager, IDEXX Dairy.

The IDEXX Milk Pregnancy Test was developed in collaboration with leading milk laboratories in North America, Europe and New Zealand and is currently available. For more information about the test, please contact your IDEXX sales representative, your local distributor or visit

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