ImmuCell adds calf raiser's perspective to Immediate Immunity YouTube

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As part of their ongoing commitment to newborn calf health, ImmuCell recently added an informational video to the Immediate ImmunityTM YouTube channel. Available at, this video offers advice and experiences from a calf raiser's viewpoint.

J.Hall, owner of Hall's Calf Ranch in Wisconsin is featured in the piece titled "A Calf Raiser's Perspective: Immediate Immunity – The Impact." Hall's Calf Ranch is home to 5,000 calves under four months of age. Because calves enter the facility between 12 and 24 hours after birth, the Halls work with their dairy producers to ensure that all calves are given the best start possible.

"Working with dairies to improve calf health is a vital part of what we do," Hall says. "We pull blood and test serum protein on every calf and share that information with our clients. We often recommend that our customers use concentrated and targeted antibody products along with their colostrum program. Good management minimizes scouring and results in fewer problems in the long run. Healthy calves keep us in business."
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Bobbi (Kunde) Brockmann, director of sales and marketing with ImmuCell, says the video adds to the shared experiences available on the Immediate Immunity YouTube page.

"The Immediate Immunity YouTube channel continues to be a valuable resource for all cattle producers," she says. "It's vital to the beef and dairy industries that producers and veterinarians share their experiences and learn from one another about newborn calf management. The actions we take on day one play a pivotal role in the growth and productivity of the calf's future."

The Immediate Immunity YouTube channel is a resource center on newborn calf health. View videos on the Immediate Immunity YouTube channel by visiting Additional information is available on the Immediate Immunity Facebook page at:

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