Caroline Batcheldor, Phenix City, Ala., has been awarded the second annual Charles Eastin Outstanding Service Award from the National Farm-City® Council. The award is presented to an outstanding individual who has contributed to Farm-City activities as an advocate for accurate communications between rural and urban audiences.

Caroline BatcheldorBATCHELDOR WINS CHARLES EASTIN AWARD - Caroline Batcheldor, Phenix City, Ala., recently won the Charles Eastin Outstanding Service Award from the National Farm-City Council. Presenting the award to Batcheldor, left, is Jeff Helms, Department of Public Relations and Communications, Alabama Farmers Federation.

The award was presented to Batcheldor on Nov. 14 at the annual Russell County Farm-City Breakfast in Russell County, Ala.

The National Farm-City Council is a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing links between farm families and urban residents. The award is in honor of Charles "Charlie" Eastin, DVM, who played a fundamental role in Farm-City activities. A National Farm-City Council board member for many years, Charlie was especially active in planning and initiating Farm-City events in the Lexington, Ky., region.

Batcheldor, retired from dairy farming in Russell County, Ala., has worked tirelessly and relentlessly for the local Farm-City Committee for more than 50 years, recruiting new members and seeing that veteran members are involved each year.

For the past 25 years, she has been directly responsible for arranging the annual Farm-City breakfast. Working with the local Chamber of Commerce, she has helped build the event to between 150-180 participants every year, bringing together local rural and urban citizens to celebrate the value of agriculture to the community. She also organizes the Farm-City Poster and Essay Contest for the annual breakfast, supervising student and teacher involvement and recognition.

"Caroline Batchelor has worked quietly behind the scenes to make sure that the Farm-City Week concept is upheld in Russell County, Ala.," says Hugh Whaley, chairman of the National Farm-City Council. "This is exactly the sort of active effort the Farm-City Council wants to recognize and support."

Those interested in nominating candidates for the 2013 Charles Eastin Outstanding Service Award can do so by going to the National Farm-City Council website at for nomination rules and the application form. Candidates can be any person over 25 who has actively supported national, state or local Farm-City initiatives. He or she can be nominated by anyone active in a Farm-City program.

Those completing the nomination should describe how this nominee has contributed to the success of Farm-City activities and provide evidence on the impact of this individual's actions in organizing Farm-City events. A three-member committee, including at least one member of the National Farm-City Council, will judge the applications and select the recipient.

National Farm-City Council logoThe National Farm-City Council works with local organizations with educational programs about people who grow their food. For those interested in organizing a local Farm-City event, go to the National Farm-City website at or call 202.406.3706. The National Farm-City Council is a 501(c) (3) charitable organization under the Internal Revenue Service Code.