Hoof-Tec Footbath Solutions announces the launch of an organic line of footbath products specifically formulated with OMRI (Organic Material Review Institute) approved materials. "As the demand for organic milk and organic farming continues to expand we recognized the need for footbath products able to meet the demand of this growing demographic," explains Rosemary Smithyman, Vice President and Co-Founder of Hoof-Tec Footbath Solutions.

Hoof-Tec Organic logoOrganic dairy farms are limited as to what they can use in a footbath. Most organic dairies continue to use copper sulfate alone to address the issues of foot warts and foot rot. "Copper sulfate is both costly and detrimental to farmland," explains Smithyman, "So a product that can help an organic dairy reduce their usage of copper while getting better control over footwarts is very viable."

Hoof-Tec Organic Footbath Concentrate, now OMRI listed for organic use, is designed to be used in conjunction with significantly less copper sulfate than what would typically be used in a 50 gal footbath. "With Hoof-Tec Organic Footbath Concentrate most dairies will be able to reduce their residual copper by about 40%," reports Smithyman.

This effect is based on chemical principles not "foo-foo dust" as some dairymen affectionately name footbath products. Smithyman explains; "Copper sulfate works most effectively and efficiently in a lowered pH environment," indeed several pH adjustment products are available in the market. This includes Hoof-Tec Footbath Solutions flagship product, Hoof-Tec 1000 Liquid Footbath Concentrate. However the popular Hoof-Tec 1000 and other brands are comprised of materials not approved for use on organic dairies. Hoof-Tec Organic Concentrate has been approved by OMRI for use on organic dairies.

And the results? "The results of our on-farm field trials have been extremely positive," Rosemary says excitedly. "We have seen a very nice "turn around" on the footwarts. In addition, I've been very impressed by the product's ability to maintain a low pH in the presence of a large amount of manure. Not only will we be able to help the dairyman reduce the amount of copper needed per footbath, the bath should also last longer, allowing him to put more cows through an active footbath. This may help the producer reduce the total number of weekly footbaths," she concludes.

Also new to the marketplace is Hoof-Tec Organic Topical Hoof Spray. This highly buffered low pH product containing copper sulfate can be used "as a footbath in a bottle" says Smithyman. "This is a great option for smaller farms as well as any time it is not possible to run a footbath." OMRI approval for this product is pending.

Hoof-Tec Organic Footbath Concentrate is available nationally through Animal Health International and regionally through many dairy and pharmaceutical supply companies and local veterinary practices. Ask your sales representative or your veterinarian about Hoof-Tec Organic today.