Monthly electronic newsletter to offer management tips to producers from industry experts.

Purina Animal Nutrition LLC introduces the HerdSmart™ E-Newsletter, a new communication platform designed with dairy producers in mind. This tool will provide dairy managers, employees and nutritionists with timely management information and insights to improve operational efficiency.
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The HerdSmart E-Newsletter is a free online tool sent each month. Articles and tips provided in each issue are written to help producers improve efficiency on their operations through practical strategies. In the electronic newsletter nutritionists share university research, in addition to practices that have been implemented in the field with measurable results in herd health, feed efficiency and the bottom lines of dairies across the country.

Past HerdSmart E-Newsletters have included management tips and experiences on: decision-making, amino acid balancing and transition cow nutrition. In future editions, industry experts will discuss timely industry trends and work to answer producer questions. The goal of each edition is to help producers improve operation efficiency and profitability potential.

"The HerdSmart E-Newsletter is a quick read that provides practical management tips and on-farm experiences. Dairy producers and nutritionists could implement many of these strategies, almost immediately, if they choose," says Elena Lindemann, lactating livestock marketing director with Purina Animal Nutrition LLC.

"Our goal is to make each edition as practical and useful as possible," Lindemann adds. "For example, this month's issue will feature five tools to evaluate how you feed cows compiled by our nutritionists in the field."

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