Third-generation, family-owned cheesemaker Joseph Gallo Farms closes out 2012 with a record 30 awards for its dairy products, including 17 gold medals, and a first place win at the World Dairy Expo Championship Dairy Championship Contest.
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Joseph Gallo Farms, maker of Joseph Farms Cheese, was established in 1946 by Joseph Gallo and continues to produce cheese from its own dairies.

"We raise the cows, grow the feed, milk the herd and make the cheese here on our farm," said Peter Gallo, director of operations for Joseph Farms. "There is a growing health awareness and people deserve to know what is in their food. We only use the freshest milk – free of artificial hormones – and all-natural ingredients to make Joseph Farms cheese."

The focus on farm-to-table and quality control has contributed to the Gallo family's success and the growing list of prestigious awards.

Among the gold medal winners are the newest Joseph Farms cheeses – Chipotle Cheddar, Jalapeño Muenster, Italian Garden Jack, Caraway Cheddar and Reduced Fat Monterey Jack. These new products are a result of the cheesemakers "dreaming up new ideas."

"We really love what we do and we are always trying to perfect our craft," Gallo added.

Among the 2012 awards is the national first place World Dairy Expo award for the Joseph Farms whey protein isolate. This is a high-protein product used in many name-brand drinks, weight loss supplements, sports nutrition bars and bodybuilding supplements, Gallo explained. It is also shipped globally to developing nations without a developed dairy industry.

"What began as a waste byproduct of cheese production is often now more valuable than the cheese because the isolate is so high in protein," Gallo said. "The cows we have raised for generations have great genes, great nutrition and great veterinary care so they live a healthier, more natural life. The result is a higher-quality product, recognized with a first place international award two years in a row."

The most recent awards bring the total to over 100 awards in state, national and international competitions, including 77 first place awards at prestigious state and world-wide competitions.

2012 Los Angeles International Dairy Competition
· Gold Medal for Mild Cheddar
· Gold Medal for Pepper Jack
· Gold Medal for Marbled Cheddar
· Gold Medal for Manchego
· Gold Medal for Mozzarella
· Gold Medal for Gouda
· Gold Medal for Medium Cheddar
· Gold Medal for Chipotle Cheddar
· Gold Medal for Jalapeno Muenster
· Gold Medal for Italian Garden Jack
· Gold Medal for Caraway Cheddar
· Silver Medal for Provolone
· Silver Medal for Reduced Fat Monterey Jack
· Silver Medal for Monterey Jack
· Silver Medal for Marbled Jack
· Silver Medal for Muenster
· Silver Medal for Extra Sharp Cheddar
· Silver Medal for Sharp Cheddar

2012 California State Fair, Sacramento, California
· Gold Medal for Mozzarella
· Gold Medal for Monterey Jack
· Gold Medal for Reduced Fat Monterey Jack
· Gold Medal for Marbled Jack
· Gold Medal for Sharp Cheddar
· Gold Medal for Extra Sharp Cheddar
· Silver Medal for Provolone
· Silver Medal for Pepper Jack

Joseph Farms is a 66-year-old, family-owned dairy and cheese-making business in the small community of Atwater in the San Joaquin Valley. The Gallo family's focus on quality and sustainability includes a methane-powered cheese plant and innovative environmental programs that earned them awards from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The family dairy is Environmentally Certified by the California Dairy Quality Assurance Program, all cheeses are proudly labeled "No Artificial Hormones" and all cheeses are made with Grade A milk. Joseph Farms ships its award-winning cheeses internationally. Information:; 209-394-7984.