Oregon State Dairy Club Members Hope Event Will Raise Substantial Funds

When rumors of proposed changes in the College of Agricultural Sciences began circling late last spring, students became anxious, wondering how these changes would affect the programs and extracurricular activities they enjoy. In the fall, students came back to find major changes that took place over the summer including the temporary closure of the OSU Dairy and other animal science units and budgetary cuts to many programs.

Among the cuts was funding allocated to judging teams, including the dairy team that travels to several national contests each year. A group of students in the OSU Dairy Club decided that in order to ensure these activities be available, they would have to come up with the funds on their own.

With the guidance of their advisors, members began discussing an endowment fund that would allow for students to participate in dairy related activities now and in the future. A short three months later, the fund has become a reality.

Dubbed the "Dairy Advocacy Fund", this endowment fund will be dedicated to support dairy related activities including the dairy judging team, dairy challenge contest participation, and membership in the American Dairy Science Association. Club members will solicit donations as well as facilitate fundraisers.

"The endowment fund is not just for us," says Hayden Bush. "It is going to be used for student activities in many years to come."

Bush is keeping busy this month heading up the clubs biggest fundraising endeavor, the bi-annual Beaver Classic Sale. This year the consignment sale will feature 40+ high quality dairy heifers as well as embryo packages, explains Bush. The event itself is not new; in fact it is a long lived tradition of the OSU Dairy Club, this year, it has a greater meaning.

"Usually the money raised at the sale goes to the operating expenses of the dairy club for two years," explains Jessica Budge, Dairy Club President. "This year we are trying to raise enough money to fund the dairy club and get this endowment fund kicked off in a big way."

The event, which also features a silent auction and complimentary dinner will take place in the newly opened Oldfield Animal Teaching Pavilion on the Oregon State University Campus March 2, 2013 beginning at 6PM (PST) with dinner and followed by the sale at 7PM.

"We couldn't be more excited about this event" Bush says with a smile, "it is going to be the culmination of over a year of hard work from the club, and knowing that it is going to be benefiting not only ourselves but youth in many years to come is humbling."

For more information, to become a sponsor, or submit a silent auction donation visit groups.oregonstate.edu/dairyclub or contact us at dairyclub@oregonstate.edu.

About the Oregon State University Dairy Club: Founded in the 1960's, the OSU Dairy Club's mission is to provide education to youth, promotion of dairy products, and career development to its members. Part of the Department of Animal and Rangeland Sciences at Oregon State University the club currently consists of about 35, diverse active members interested in the dairy industry with a desire to keep the rich traditions alive for generations to come.