Permanent structural design engineered for durability; innovative fabric cover reduces heat for more consistent livestock performance

Accu-Steel logoAccu-Steel Fabric-Covered Building Solutions introduces the Cattle Cabana livestock shade structure - a structure for all livestock producers that is proven to reduce heat stress and improve overall animal health. The 50-foot-wide structure with center-post design is ideal for fence line or feed apron applications. A durable, HL13 fabric cover deflects heat and filters natural light to cattle, while edge ventilation maximizes airflow. The Cattle Cabana structure is designed for permanent, year-round use.

Engineered for strength; functionality

Veterinarians and livestock consultants alike concur that minimizing cattle exposure to direct sun and extreme heat - while providing adequate ventilation - reduces herd heat stress and improves overall health. Feed efficiency is also enhanced when cattle are kept cool and calm. As a result, feedlot operators are looking to a variety of structural fabrications in an effort to create areas of reduced temperature and enhanced shade and ventilation, especially in geographies where extreme summer heat and minimal natural cover vegetation are the norm.
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"The vision most feedlot operators have of livestock shade structures is something comparable to an oversized umbrella cast in concrete," says Jason Owen, president of Accu-Steel. "That's certainly not the case with the Cattle Cabana structure. We took very seriously input we received from leading feedlot operators during the development of this structure - most of which dealt with concerns about durability, ventilation and the structure's ability to hold up against more extreme external elements. The result is a permanent, durable structure that maximizes air flow, is easy to build and is also very cost competitive."

Among the many exclusive engineering features that enhance the overall strength and effectiveness of the Cattle Cabana structure is a series of four cables extending from the center of each bay to all corners - a design element that helps break up and inhibit the "wave-type" motion often created by extreme wind gusts. The permanent steel-frame, center-post design - exclusive to the Cattle Cabana structure - ensures maximum strength and durability on a minimal footprint, allowing for easy and efficient equipment maneuverability.

Cover technology deflects heat and precipitation

The Accu-Steel Cattle Cabana structure stands 50 feet wide with 24-foot wide individual fabric panels; a size configuration that creates a side area of shade for livestock while providing a 14-foot equipment clearance. The innovative HL13 cover fabric with HYDRA-LOC™ technology - the premium fabric found on all Accu-Steel fabric-covered buildings - is created with interwoven high-density polyethylene coated with low-density polyethylene. The result is a highly durable material that is both UV durable and waterproof, unlike typical shade cloth that allows rain entry and deteriorates with sun exposure.

"The Cattle Cabana structure is designed to be a durable, effective source of shade that enhances livestock comfort in high temperatures to maximize producer returns," Owen says. "Typically, we see temporary livestock shade structures put to use on an as-needed basis to decrease herd heat stress in extreme temperatures. The challenge with temporary structures is that by the time those shades are put in place, losses are already being experienced in decreased feed intake and herd health. The Cattle Cabana structure offers a solution that can be relied on year-round, allowing livestock producers predictable herd management that maximizes feed efficiency and decreases time to market."

In addition to deflecting damaging sunrays, shedding rain and allowing natural sunlight to filter through the cover, Accu-Steel offers an exclusive, 10-year factory warranty on HL13 fabric covers. For more information about the cost-effective Cattle Cabana shade structure, visit the Accu-Steel website at