February 2013

2.28.2013 Dairy margin proposal would cut spending in a 2013 farm bill, MU economist reports
2.28.2013 Alchemy Launches Major New Release of SISTEM Training
2.28.2013 Got Talent?
2.27.2013 Bob Parsons receives John C. Finley Award
2.27.2013 Achieve Optimum Planting Depth this Spring
2.27.2013 Starch: Variation is the name of the game
2.27.2013 Devraj Raval to take on marketing responsibilities at Vets Plus, Inc.
2.27.2013 Nebraska Dairy Convention Just Weeks Away
2.27.2013 AgSource Herds Excelled in 2012
2.27.2013 Fonterra Announces Plan to SUPPORT and Grow Milk Supply
2.26.2013 Wisconsin Holstein Convention and Futures Sale a Success in Rothschild
2.26.2013 Wisconsin to host national Brown Swiss convention, youth heifer show
2.26.2013 Food Processors find solution: 500,000 GA/day of wastewater converted into renewable energy
2.26.2013 DuPont Leader Updates 2013 Agriculture Research Pipeline with Investors
2.25.2013 CWT Assists with 2.1 Million Pounds of Cheese, Butter and WMP Export Sales
2.25.2013 2013 PDPW Business Conference boosts people power March 12 & 13
2.25.2013 RWDCA Announces Their 2013 Summer Intern - Cassy Krull of WI
2.25.2013 Know How Much You Have Before Applying More
2.25.2013 PDPW Business Conference March 12 & 13, Madison, WI Reconnect. Rethink. Recharge

2.22.2013 MilkPEP Launches New "Got Chocolate Milk?" Ad Campaign
2.22.2013 Applicants Needed for Holstein Association USA Junior Advisory Committee Adult Representatives
2.22.2013 Gypsum event to be held with OSU conservation tillage meeting March 7th at Ada, OH
2.22.2013 Schwartzbeck Named 2012 Overall Judi Collinsworth Award Recipient
2.22.2013 Massachusetts Blue Ribbon All Breeds Calf Sale
2.22.2013 Male Genotyping Services Now Available From American Jersey Cattle Association
2.21.2013 Canadian Dairy Xpo: Technology and Social Media
2.21.2013 DBA's "Building Today for a Better Tomorrow" Symposium Huge Success
2.21.2013 FAQs-2 Differing Settlements - Dean/SMA & DFA
2.21.2013 Less Than Two Weeks to Enter the Cintas & Carhartt Cold Crew Contest
2.21.2013 Eyeball manure for a quick read on feed utilization
2.21.2013 Beef Demand versus Consumption, Explained
2.21.2013 DairyTech India 2013
2.20.2013 NCBA Statement on OIE Classification of U.S. as "Negligible" Risk for BSE
2.20.2013 ABS and St. Jacobs ABC Hold Customer Meeting, Award Calf
2.20.2013 11th Annual Mid-Atlantic Nutrition Conference
2.20.2013 A College "Test" Like No Other: Western Regional Dairy Challenge
2.20.2013 Vote in the first-ever Foundation Pie Eating Contest
2.20.2013 Accu-Steel Introduces "Cattle Cabana" Livestock Shade Structure
2.20.2013 FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative hosts successful inaugural annual meeting
2.19.2013 Dairy conference provides industry updates and management tips
2.19.2013 Launch of Oregon Dairy Export Consortium Holds Promise for State's Dairy Exports
2.19.2013 Hillsdale County farmers named 2013 Michigan State University Dairy Farmer of the Year
2.19.2013 CWT Assists with 2.6 Million Pounds of Butter and Cheese Export Sales
2.19.2013 Shaping the future of Hoof Health
2.19.2013 DuPont Pioneer Expert Shares Tips on How to Reduce Early-Season Stress on Emergence
2.19.2013 2013 PDPW Business Conference puts a focus on the cow March 12 & 13
2.18.2013 ABS, Genes Diffusion Alliance to Expand Dairy and Beef Genetics Offerings and Distribution
2.18.2013 Vets Plus, Inc. celebrates new production facility and office with ribbon cutting
2.18.2013 Jersey Junior Public Presentation Contest to be Held in Amarillo, Texas
2.18.2013 National Farm Medicine Center Offers Dairy Safety Consulting services
2.18.2013 US Jersey Reports Back-to-Back Record Years

2.15.2013 Irrigated Cropland Values Surge with Drought According to KC Fed Agricultural Credit Survey
2.15.2013 Field trial demonstrates accuracy of new, on-farm subclinical mastitis test
2.15.2013 Results are in for World Ag Expo Forage Challenge
2.15.2013 Industry experts share forecasting advice at Farm Management Workshops
2.15.2013 Midwest Dairy Challenge draws 79 students to Manitowoc, Wisconsin
2.14.2013 ‘20/20': Alltech's 2013 Symposium Offers a GLIMPSE into the Future
2.14.2013 WMMB Director Nomination Deadline is February 22
2.14.2013 Nominations Due April 1 for Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council Reproduction Awards
2.14.2013 NMPF Statement on Senate Agriculture Committee Hearing on Drought Impact
2.14.2013 Lallemand Expands Team
2.14.2013 Rumination Technology Helps Dairy Farmers Keep Transition Cows Healthy
2.14.2013 Full Agriculture Committee Democratic Membership Announced
2.14.2013 Novus Int'l, Inc. Receives the 2012 Product Differentiation Excellence Award for MINTREX®
2.14.2013 Consumer food safety inspires Kemin to achieve internationally recognized standard
2.14.2013 Flint Richards Named Northwest Area Representative for Jersey Organizations
2.13.2013 U.S. dairy suppliers set value, volume records in 2012
2.13.2013 USEPA Becomes Active on Wisconsin Agricultural Operations
2.13.2013 DeLaval sees things differently
2.13.2013 Dairy Groups Welcome Launch of U.S.-EU Negotiations
2.13.2013 New grant aims to help control deadly dairy cattle disease
2.13.2013 U.S. premiere of DeLaval teat spray robot TSR™ at World Ag Expo 2013
2.13.2013 Four Steps to Implement Variable Rate Seeding in 2013
2.13.2013 Introducing DelPro Farm Manager: An advanced herd management system
2.13.2013 CWT Assists with 2.9 Million Pounds of Cheese and Butter Export Sales
2.13.2013 Herd Navigator™ sales in Canada take off
2.13.2013 Popular cheesemaking workshop slated for March 2013
2.13.2013 New DeLaval teat dip dispensing systems do more with less
2.12.2013 New Holland is unveiling new tractors & more at the 2013 WAE & National Farm Machinery Show
2.11.2013 NCBA Members Elect Officers, Approve New Policies to Conclude Convention
2.11.2013 University Students Establish Endowment Fund to Save Cut Programs
2.11.2013 Two California Dairy Producers Appointed to Dairy Council of California Board of Directors
2.11.2013 Milk quality experts gather for 52nd National Mastitis Council Annual Meeting
2.11.2013 All-American Dairy Show 50th Anniversary Celebration Set for Sept. 7-12
2.11.2013 Milk Producers Council Hires Prominent Sacramento Lobbying Firm to Fight for Dairy Families
2.11.2013 Excitement Grows for 46th Annual World Ag Expo

2.08.3013 Baier Named AgSource Cooperative COO
2.08.2013 National Ag Day Expands Celebration for 40th Anniversary
2.08.2013 South Dakota Dairy Princess Candidates Sought
2.08.2013 Vergara Joins ABS Global as Technical Services Consultant
2.08.2013 World Dairy Expo Recognition Award Applications Due
2.08.2013 Contests ignite competitive spirit in Wisconsin FFA members
2.08.2013 WLIC Annual Meeting Guest Speakers to Address ADT Rule
2.07.2013 Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. Becomes Sponsoring Partner for BQA Certification
2.07.2013 Leadership Named for 2013 Jersey All American Events
2.07.2013 Semex 2012 Top Sellers in Demand Worldwide
2.07.2013 More peer-reviewed research shows negative effects of MLV on reproductive success
2.07.2013 Parnell Launches Synchronization Pack™
2.06.2013 Cover cropping and strip tillage show big benefits for farmers
2.06.2013 World Ag Expo Exhibitors Enlist Help of Ag Warriors Interns
2.06.2013 Dur-A-Flex Appoints Sales and Technical Support Representative in Mexico
2.06.2013 Dr. K. Larry Smith honored with NMC Award of Excellence for Mastitis Prevention and Control
2.06.2013 Midwest Dairy Association Announces Internship in Illinois
2.06.2013 E.M. Tharp "We Believe in Growing" Scholarship Winners Announced
2.06.2013 McLanahan Coming To World Ag Expo!
2.05.2013 No Food Fight Book from Payn-Knoper
2.05.2013 CWT Assists with 4.7 Million Pounds of Cheese Export Sales
2.04.2013 2012 Ayrshire All-American Contest Results
2.04.2013 ISA Supports Animal Agriculture through Illinois Livestock Symposium
2.04.2013 WMMB Director Nomination Forms Are Available
2.04.2013 2013 PDPW Business Conference invites dairy producers to "Recharge" March 12 & 13
2.04.2013 KlaTox™ Gel supports during digestive discomfort
2.04.2013 The Year of the Farmer" Super Bowl Spot Kicks Off Case IH Alliance With Ram to Benefit FFA
2.01.2013 MilkPEP Debuts New Super Bowl Face Off Ad

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