AMPLI-Calf® Warm Weather Starter keeps calves growing as temperatures increase.

Purina Animal Nutrition logo Purina Animal Nutrition LLC introduces AMPLI-Calf® Warm Weather Starter feed, formulated to meet calves' needs as temperatures increase.

When temperatures rise, calves' energy needs escalate as respiration rates increase and they attempt to drive heat from their bodies. Coupled with this increase in energy, is a reduction in feed intake and as a result, growth is reduced.[1] <#_ftn1>

"To meet these additional energy demands and to keep calves growing all summer long, we've developed AMPLI-Calf® Warm Weather Starter feed," says Dr. Dari Brown, director livestock young animal marketing with Purina Animal Nutrition LLC. "AMPLI-Calf® Warm Purina Ampli-Calf photoWeather Starter feed more efficiently provides the optimal nutritional balance of energy and protein for a dairy calf's diet in warm weather conditions to help maintain growth."

AMPLI-Calf® Warm Weather Starter feed includes AppetiteMAKER™, a patent-pending, proprietary additive proven to stimulate higher feed intake of young dairy calves, ClariFly® Larvicide to help control flies and organic chromium, along with other organic trace minerals that are highly digestible, providing efficient energy at the cellular level.

AMPLI-Calf® Warm Weather Starter feed can deliver greater growth and average daily gain in warm temperatures – beyond the performance of the competition and original AMPLI-Calf® Starter feed. Research[2] <#_ftn2> shows that calves fed AMPLI-Calf® Warm Weather Starter weighed 12.16 pounds more at weaning, were 0.38 inches taller and had an increased average daily gain of 0.15 pounds when compared to two formulations of a national competitive brand and five different competitor's custom starters. When compared to the previous formula of AMPLI-Calf® Starter feed, calves feed AMPLI-Calf® Warm Weather Starter had weighed 12.44 pounds more at weaning and had an 0.18 pound greater average daily gain.

"AMPLI-Calf® Warm Weather Starter feed combined with AMPLI-Calf® Cool Weather Starter feed represents a new way to approach calf nutrition," says Brown. "This seasonal method of feeding is designed to be more efficient in meeting a calf's needs for Full Potential growth and lifetime productivity potential all year long."

Use AMPLI-Calf® Warm Weather Starter feed in tandem with industry leading WarmFront™ calf milk replacers available through Purina Animal Nutrition, after a healthy first feeding of Land O'Lakes Colostrum Replacer. AMPLI-Calf® Warm Weather Starter feed will be available starting March 1, 2013.

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[1] N.R. St-Pierre, B. Cobanov, G. Schnitkey, Journal of Dairy Science, Volume 86, Supplement, Pages E52-E77, 2003, Economic losses from heat stress by U.S. livestock industry 2 Purina Animal Nutrition conducted multiple field trials in the Summer 2012 using competitors' custom formulations that were 18, 19, 20, 21, or 22% crude protein (CP) as well as Cargill® 20 or 23% CP diets compared to calves fed either AMPLI-Calf® Warm Weather Starter feed 20 or 22% CP for a 12 week period.