Revamped Website Includes Resources for Members of the Dairy Industry
and Milk Facts for Consumers

To increase awareness of all of its nutrition education offerings across multiple audiences, including teachers and health professionals, and the health benefits of milk and milk products, Dairy Council of California launches

Combining the best features, materials and tools of its two previous websites – and – Dairy Council of California has created an online destination where families can learn to improve eating habits and understand the benefits of consuming milk and milk products; teachers can order nutrition education materials; health professionals can find nutrition information for patients; and members of the dairy industry can access and download helpful tools to use and share with others.

"We completely revamped our web presence to make our materials and other tools available in one location, and better highlight and provide access to our milk-positive nutrition information," said Tammy Anderson-Wise, Dairy Council of California CEO. "At the same time, we share our nutrition philosophy of balanced eating while demonstrating the value of milk and its irreplaceable package of nutrients."

Anderson-Wise adds that along with providing consumers access to healthy recipes, meal ideas and healthy eating suggestions, the website serves as an expert resource on milk and dairy products, and showcases the dairy industry's commitment and contribution to community health.

"All of the online resources not only help Dairy Council of California expand its efforts to improve eating habits and teach consumers to include milk and milk products in their diets, but they also provide dairy producers and processors with tools to download and share in their own outreach efforts, including farm and facility tours, community events, or even training employees," said Anderson-Wise.

Available resources include consumer-friendly handouts and tip sheets for both students and adults (in English and Spanish) covering anything from basic milk facts to how milk gets from cow to container. All resources can be found in the industry section at Producers and processors can also direct consumers to the site's interactive tools, including Healthy Eating My Way that customizes eating plans based on personalized needs.

About Dairy Council of California

Dairy Council of California ( serves as the dairy industry's contribution to community health by creating science-based nutrition education curricula and resources that help children and families improve their eating habits and make nutrient-rich choices from all food groups. For nearly a century, Dairy Council of California has partnered with schools, health professionals and community leaders to offer California families simple steps for making balanced food choices while conveying the irreplaceable role that milk and milk products play in a balanced diet.