Land O'Lakes Animal Milk Products launches 2013 ‘We Care for Calves' monthly radio series

Radio interviews to offer calf nutrition and management advice in conjunction with ‘We Care for Calves' Facebook page.

Land O'Lakes no Indian girl logoLand O'Lakes Animal Milk Products is excited to announce its 2013 ‘We Care for Calves' DairyLine radio program. Through the monthly radio program, industry experts will share their experiences and recommendations for calf nutrition and management every third Thursday of the month through 2013.

This year-long radio series will serve as a resource for dairy producers and calf raisers by providing timely information and tips from industry experts. Topics will include: cold and warm weather calf management, group housing, fly control, electrolytes, colostrum management, 3x a day feeding, proper nutrition and automated calf feeders.

The radio segments will be aired through DairyLine's affiliate radio stations, published on the DairyLine website and linked on the ‘We Care for Calves' Facebook page at as part of Land O'Lakes Animal Milk Products' continued commitment to dairy producers. The previous ‘We Care for Calves' segments can be found at:

"The ‘We Care for Calves' program provides an opportunity for calf producers to learn from industry researchers and to join together and discuss management strategies," says Dr. Tom Earleywine, technical services director for Land O'Lakes Animal Milk Products. "By linking with other producers on the Facebook page and listening to the ‘We Care for Calves' radio spots, you can pick up tools to strengthen and improve your calf management strategies."

Land O'Lakes We Care for Calves facebook screen shot

The ‘We Care for Calves' radio segments are created in conjunction with the ‘We Care for Calves' Facebook page. The Facebook page serves as a resource and forum for discussions and information on calf nutrition and management. Producers are encouraged to connect with fellow dairy calf raisers and industry experts on the ‘We Care for Calves' Facebook page by visiting

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