Dr. Kevin Herrick, Kemin dairy technical services manager, received a Midwest American Dairy Science Association (ADSA) Young Scholar award at the association's recent Midwest annual meeting held in Des Moines, Iowa. The Midwest ADSA Young Scholar program provides promising scholars, including recent Ph.D. graduates, with the opportunity to present timely research findings to academic and industry professionals. Recipients were selected based on quality of research, interest to the broad audience and oral presentation skills.

Herrick was awarded for his presentation, "Butyrate supplementation effects on metabolism and production in lactating dairy cows." In his presentation, Herrick offered research investigating supplementation of individual or intermediate volatile fatty acids as a potential treatment for metabolic diseases in the post-partum ruminant. The presentation featured trials in which rumen butyrate concentration was increased to investigate the performance and metabolic responses of lactating dairy cows. Results from Herrick's research demonstrate butyrate supplementation has the potential to improve the energy balance of lactating dairy cows.

Herrick joined Kemin in 2012 and serves as the technical service manager for dairy in North America. Prior to joining Kemin, Herrick worked as a dairy production consultant for Land O' Lakes Purina Feed and as a herdsman for a large dairy in South Dakota. Herrick completed a Bachelor of Science in animal science, a Master of Science in ruminant nutrition and a Ph.D. in dairy science from South Dakota State University.

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