Genex DG29 Blood Pregnancy Testing Expanding to Lab in Northeast

Genex CRIDG29 bovine blood pregnancy testing has just gotten easier for Genex Cooperative, Inc. members and customers in the Northeast. Dairy One Cooperative Inc. of Ithaca, N.Y., has joined the list of certified DG29 testing laboratories to allow for quicker test turnaround times. Other certified labs include AgSource Laboratories in Menomonie, Wis., and Jerome, Idaho.

The DG29 test is over 98.7 percent accurate, according to research published in the Canadian Veterinary Journal. To use the test, producers draw blood samples from cattle on the farm or ranch, forward the samples to a certified laboratory, and receive pregnancy diagnosis results via mail or email. The test detects a specific pregnancy-related protein within the bovine's blood sample. Based on the presence of that protein, positive (pregnant) or negative (open) results are reported.

For best results, testing should be conducted on cows or heifers 29 days or more post-breeding. Cows must also be at least 90 days post-calving before blood samples are collected.

Genex offers several DG29 purchasing options. Complete test kits come in packages of 24, 48, 72 or 144. The complete kit include blood tubes, disposable needles, needle holders, shipping containers, test analyses and shipping to the farm or ranch. Kit components are also sold individually.

Purchase DG29 from your local Genex representative, by phone at 888-333-1783 or online through the Genex Profit Shop at

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