April 22 2013 12:16 PM

Simple welds secure sliding barn door

Simple welds secure sliding barn door

I made this holder for our pole barn door by first putting a hollow pipe 2 feet long in the ground at the center of the door. Then I took a pipe that fit inside and cut it to about 3-1/2 feet, bent my cross piece to the desired shape and welded it to the upright.

I next took two pieces of rerod at about 1 foot long and put them in the door supports. I did this by drilling a hole on the bottom 2x6 and pushing the rerod into the hole. Then I took a piece of angle iron (1/2- x 1/2- x 1-inch long) and put a screw through it into the 2x4. Next, I stuck a 6-inch bolt through the rod for a handle.

A bolt covers the pipe when the door is open so the pipe doesn't fill with dirt. This simple tool keeps the door from swaying in and out during our Indiana storms.
Matt Lengacher, Indiana

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