New Technology Improves Dairy Cattle's Most Important Nutrient: Water

Proven Results: Healthier cows producing more and higher quality milk

Western and Midwestern dairy farms reap the benefits of Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet, a leading nontraditional water treatment company, announced today that its new technology is revolutionizing dairy cattle drinking water with a scientifically proven natural biocide that is odorless, tasteless and toxin-free. A Colorado State University (CSU) study confirms that Silver Bullet technology dramatically reduces bacteria in cows' drinking troughs. Farms in Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska and Ohio are already reaping the benefits.

"Dairy farmers know that controlling water-borne bacteria in drinking water is critical to milk quality and Silver Bullet offers farmers a practical solution; improving herd health and product and volume quality with no upfront cost and much cheaper than traditional chemicals -- a win win win for the farmer's bottom-line, " said Steve Bachar, CEO, Silver Bullet Water Treatment.

The Silver Bullet water treatment process consists of passing ambient air through a processor containing UV light and other elements. This modified air is then diffused into the water supply to form hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), which treats water without any toxic chemical residues, odor, or taste. The solution kills bacteria upon contact.

The Silver Bullet system is installed at the dairy farms' wellheads in less than a day; with no upfront investment, rents by the month and is maintained by Silver Bullet or its authorized dealers.

CSU tested the effectiveness of the Silver Bullet system and found it reduced all bacteria counts measured in cows' drinking troughs by more than half.

The CSU study also found an increase in the quality of milk production and other benchmarks. Milk fat and milk protein increased and somatic cell counts decreased when cows consumed water treated by Silver Bullet.

Yuma Dairy, situated on the Colorado plains, has 2,000 dairy cows. After Silver Bullet was installed in late 2012, the bacteria count dropped by 99.5%, providing a good "insurance policy" for keeping Yuma's cows healthy.

"Our cows love water treated by Silver Bullet," said Jeremiah Lungwitz, managing partner of Yuma Dairy. "It is tasteless and odorless –so they drink more of it. And as all dairymen know – a cow that drinks more, produces more. And we are seeing high quality milk products."

Bijou Hill Dairy, just outside of Denver, Colorado, installed the Silver Bullet Water Treatment System more than a year ago. During the treatment, Silver Bullet sent water samples to multiple independent laboratories for testing. The troughs at Bijou Hill Dairy showed: a 10,000 fold reduction in Coliforms, a 100 fold reduction in HPC, a 10 fold reduction in Staphylococcus Aureus (Staph), a 10 fold reduction in Escherichia Coli (E.Coli), and Listeria has nearly been eradicated. Somatic cell count was reduced by 100,000 cells.

"Since installing the Silver Bullet system, we have seen a reduction of bacteria to an undetectable level in our milk chiller and the overall health of our herd is better than ever," said Craig Pearson, co-owner, Bijou Hill Dairy.

In 2012, the Silver Bullet system was installed on McCarty Family Farms in Kansas. McCarty is one of the nation's largest and most well-known dairy farms. "Silver Bullet has dramatically reduced bacteria and biofilm in our cows' drinking water, and they are thriving," said owner Ken McCarty.

Silver Bullet Water Treatment is working with dairy, feedlots, hog and poultry farms across North America to improve drinking water quality, livestock health and production.

David Kolstad, Silver Bullet's chief technology officer, invented the Silver Bullet Water Treatment system after three-decades of experience working with traditional, toxic chemical-based approaches to water treatment. He was determined to find a safer, more efficient, and less costly solution. The Silver Bullet system has proven effective for multiple water treatment applications, including livestock drinking water.

About Silver Bullet
Silver Bullet is a leading, nontraditional water treatment company that's transforming water treatment for industries across North America--from cooling towers to livestock drinking water. Its patented technology creates a powerful and scientifically proven natural hydrogen peroxide that kills harmful bacteria upon contact and promotes healthier, more productive herds.

Silver Bullet received the 2012 Best Venture Award from the U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) for its cost effective and environmentally responsible water treatment solution.

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