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In this class of 5-year-old Jersey cows, I placed them A B C D. Starting the class with an easy winner, A has the best udder and most style of all the cows in the class. A uses her advantage in higher and wider rear udder attachment, snugness of fore udder and overall mammary quality to easily go over B. In addition, she carries her udder higher above the hock and displays more style throughout. A also has a more open and angular rib structure than B. Admitting that B is stronger in the pasterns and more level in her rump.

A very close pair in the middle, B gets the nod and goes over C primarily on her levelness of udder floor, noting C has a reverse tilt. B is longer in her fore udder attachment and is also wider in the rear udder attachment. I also give B an advantage in being more refined through the head and neck. I admit C has more arch and spring to her rib.

In an easy decision, C goes over D on her overall substance and capacity. C is deeper in both the fore and rear rib and more capacious. She also displays more width and strength throughout. C's teats are placed more squarely on the udder, but I do admit that D has a more level udder floor, noting C's reverse tilt to the udder.

D is the longest-bodied cow in the class and shows a great deal of dairy character. However, her lack of capacity and strength along with the wide teat placement cannot merit having a higher placing in this class.

Lowell, Mich.
McCauley placed the JERSEYS. He and his wife, Renee, are partners in their family's herds of New Direction, Nugentdale and now Tumbleweed Holstein and Jerseys. Prior to that, the Penn State graduate was employed at the EmTran embryo collection and transfer facility and also worked with many prominent herds such as Brigeen, van Exel, Nabholz, Rosedale and Waverly. In 2009, he was recognized by his peers with the Klussendorf MacKenzie Award. Since then, he has judged shows in 15 states including serving as associate judge at the 2010 All American Jersey Show and the 2012 All American Jersey Jug.

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