Tech MixLong known for the strong animal health product portfolio, TechMix has now formalized their nutrition products offerings within their new TechMix Nutrition business group.

In 2009, a partnership was formed to purchase a company called Protein Resources, a purchase that allowed TechMix to create, manufacture, and market unique and effective products that meet the needs of a wide-ranging marketplace. The focus is on high quality, value-added proteins that are ideal for livestock and aquaculture feeds.

The distinction of the Nutrition group will help customers better identify the expanding nutrition product line offered by TechMix. "We've offered pure nutrition products for several years, but now that we've expanded this segment with new technologies and new products, we felt the time was right for delineating the nutrition group more clearly", says Mike Nelson, President of TechMix.

TechMix Nutrition currently has several branded products within the portfolio; NutriVance soy protein, PEP peptide nutrition (PEP 2, PEP 2+, PEP NS and PEP SD), and N-Take-a proprietary blend of nutrients that supports feed intake in sows and piglets.

Learn more about TechMix Nutrition by visiting the TechMix website at and clicking on the Nutrition tab
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