Midwest Dairy AssociationMidwest Dairy Association Pinterest Contest Celebrates Life on a Dairy Farm. Get moo-vin' for June Dairy Month and virtually experience life on a Midwest dairy farm! Midwest Dairy Association, which works on behalf of more than 9,500 dairy farm families across 10 states, today launched the Dairy Farm PinTourist Contest http://www.Swiftpage5.com/SpeClicks.aspx?X=2X0NBSXJI96C3CIW00Y7WW on Pinterest giving everyone the opportunity to go beyond the dairy aisle to "see" what life is like on the farm, and the care and pride dairy farmers take in producing wholesome, nutritious dairy foods. Take a virtual tour to become a Dairy Farm PinTourist. While on the tour, meet some of the Midwest's dairy farm families who are passionate about providing nutritious milk. Stop by the kitchen to view farm favorite dairy recipes and learn a few dairy facts. One lucky pinner will be randomly selected to win a $200 grocery store gift card and Midwest Dairy prize package ($30 value). The contest runs May 29 through June 28, 2013. For more information about the Dairy Farm PinTourist contest and to view official rules, visit http://sweeps.piqora.com/DairyFarmPinTourist.
Pin Pointing Dairy Farm Sights and Recipes Midwest Dairy's PinTourist contest board features a look at dairy farms from across America's heartland – from North Dakota to Arkansas. And while these farms may differ, the dairy farm families who own them share a passion for their livelihoods. They are committed to providing real, fresh and naturally nutrient-rich foods and beverages. In fact it takes less than 48 hours for milk to travel from their farms to the grocery store. To help families celebrate June Dairy Month, the board also showcases recipes from the kitchens and cookbooks of Midwest dairy farm moms, like Baked Potato Cupcakes http://www.Swiftpage5.com/SpeClicks.aspx?X=2X0NBSXJI96C3CIW02Y7WW from Alise Sjostrom http://www.Swiftpage5.com/SpeClicks.aspx?X=2X0NBSXJI96C3CIW03Y7WW and Garlic Cucumber Dip http://www.Swiftpage5.com/SpeClicks.aspx?X=2X0NBSXJI96C3CIW04Y7WW from Kristine Spadgenske http://www.Swiftpage5.com/SpeClicks.aspx?X=2X0NBSXJI96C3CIW05Y7WW. Sjostrom became the fourth generation to dairy farm when she and her husband returned to central Minnesota and Jer-Lindy Farms last year. Spadgenske and her husband are first-generation farmers in partnership with his family at Spadgenske Dairy in northwest Minnesota. With 30 days in the month of June, a PinTourist will have plenty of dairy goodness to discover. More delicious dairy recipes are available at DairyMakesSense.com http://www.Swiftpage5.com/SpeClicks.aspx?X=2X0NBSXJI96C3CIW06Y7WW and for stories from Midwest dairy farm families, visit MidwestDairy.com.
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