These resources are Dairyman Extras from our July issue on page 470.

Milking and mastitis

Milking procedures: USDA-APHIS-NAHMS Dairy

Milk quality and milking resources: University of Wisconsin

Cleaning and sanitizing milk equipment: VA Tech Extension

Milker training videos for your farm: Dairy Interactive.Com

Mastitis protocol: National Mastitis Council

TMR feeding

TMR feeding programs: University of Minnesota

Proper sequence for adding ingredients to TMR mixers: Kuhn

Total mixed ration sampling protocol: University of California-Davis

General herd care

Protocols and literature: University of Missouri Extension

Smart tips for dairy herd management: University of Wisconsin Extension

Dairy farm guidelines and protocols: The Dairy Practices Council (download fee required)

Calf and heifer management and welfare standards: Dairy Calf and Heifer Association

Reproduction and A.I.

A.I. synchronization: Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council

Thawing semen: InfoDairy

Animal health and welfare

Dairy cattle vaccination protocols: University of Pennsylvania Veterinary Medicine

Injection site lesions - steps to avoid: Cornell University Veterinary College Module

FARM program animal care manual

FARM program drug residue prevention manual

Injections, euthanasia, lameness and other animal care recommendations: Dairy BQA Manual

Practical euthanasia in cattle: American Association of Bovine Practitioners

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