Dairy Analyzer LLCTM begun selling licenses of its web-based milk margin management software MARGINSMARTTM in Febrauary 2013 and now have customers in several states across the United States. MARGINSMARTTM helps dairy farms manage price risk and overall profitability by providing real-time customized information specific to their operation.

"Milk margin and overall profitability management has become a crucial component of successful dairy farming today," said Mark Linzmeier, one of two founders of Dairy Analyzer LLCTM. "As commodity market prices for milk, grain and other feedstuffs continue to fluctuate wildly, dairy farmers have an extreme desire to manage their price risk."

Brian Gerrits, financial manager of Lake Breeze Dairy, LLC, the other founder and operator of a 3,000 cow dairy in Malone, Wisconsin, said, "Our dairy has tried to manage our price risk through milk margin management, but as we surveyed the industry we did not see any tools available to properly handle this for our exact situation. We had hired Linzmeier to prepare our annual financial statements and immediately were impressed with his vast knowledge of dairy farming, price risk management and all related topics so we started discussions on how we could create better price risk management tools."

Linzmeier; who grew up on a dairy farm and over the past 20 years has been directly involved in dairy farming, agricultural lending, managing price risk management in volatile agricultural markets and as a Certified Public Accountant, and Lake Breeze formed Dairy Analyzer LLCTM and designed the MARGINSMARTTM program to meet the specific needs of dairy farms as they manage risk in volatile commodity markets. A professional software developer was contracted to create the web based format.

MARGINSMARTTM offers dairy producers of all sizes an unprecedented tool to manage their milk margin and overall profitability. Its exclusive features allow the user to directly input information specific to all facets of their operation. MARGINSMARTTM further allows its users the ability to set various margin and commodity price targets and receive text alerts when targets are met, as well as texts on demand for various real-time margin and profitability metrics.

"We have implemented MARGINSMARTTM on our dairy and it has made an immediate impact. We now know at any time during the day what our milk margins and general profitability opportunities are," said Gerrits. "MARGINSMARTTM is now the most important tool we have in managing our price risk and profitability."

Founded in 2012, Dairy Analyzer LLCTM is privately owned and is committed to providing financial tools to dairy producers to allow them to make management decisions that positively impact profitability. For more information on MARGINSMARTTM visit www.marginsmart.com or contact them at 877-474-7589.
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