Accelerated GeneticsAccelerated Genetics announces the addition of 014JE00549 Jer Bel Impuls INTENSE to its proven Jersey line-up. Intense joins a strong and growing line-up of Jersey sires. In addition to INTENSE, Accelerated Genetics has introduced a number of high quality GeneForce bulls to the line-up.

014JE00549 Intense Daughter
014JE00549 Intense Daughter: Delta-View Intense 80149, Delta View Dairy, Visalia, CA

Intense brings a unique combination of productive life and great udder traits to the line-up. He is an Impuls son, an udder specialist, and boasts an extremely high fat yield. INTENSE's maternal side includes many high fat producers. INTENSE's dam is Jer Bel Dale Hale scored VG-88 and she is a great example of longevity. She produced at 5-04 in 305 days 26,790M 4.8%, 1273F 3.5%, 944P. Beyond that INTENSE''s next dam is a Germon daughter scored VG who also produced well in her later years.

"Intense daughters are identifiable by their elite udder traits. They have high wide rear udders and shallow udders with a strong cleft," Ben Sarbacker, Genetic Service Coordinator commented. "They are also strong with adequate thurl width. He transmits a high PL and a positive DPR to promote longevity and fitness."

Accelerated Genetics also added several new GeneForce Jersey sires.014JE00611 Amazing hails from a show winning maternal line. His 4th dam is the 2000 Jersey Jug winner Sunset Canyon SMSB Anthem Ex-95. He has a unique sire stack of Critic-P X Renegade and boasts an impressive 4.83 JUI. His full brother 014JE00612 ANTHEM also displays solid numbers across the board.

014JE605 SPITFIRE is 2.50 PTAT and 6.42 JUI. SPITFIRE joins 014JE576 Samson on the top of the list for udders (JUI +6.12). 014JE00604 JUSTICE sired by Alexander is another high health trait sire out of a proven bull and sports a +635 Cheese Merit.

A number of the new GeneForce sires recorded proofs over +1000 Milk. 014JE00634 MARIACHI boasts numbers of +1547 Milk, +79 Fat, +52 Protein and records the highest JPI (+221) of this class of newly released GeneForce sires. 014JE00606 PRINCE recorded +1422 Milk and +218 JPI. 014JE00615 MARKSMAN sports an impressive combination of +1164 Milk, +218 JPI, +550 Net Merit $, and +608 Cheese Merit. 014JE00607 RUMBLE sired by Vaughn isanother high producing bull (+1123 Milk) and ranks high for health traits. 014JE00608 ARMOR (+1078 Milk)rounds out the group of +1000 Milk GeneForce sires.

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