Accelerated GeneticsAfter the August Genetic Evaluation updates, Accelerated Genetics released a number of high quality new proven sires. However, several sires maintained or exceeded their last genetic data in multiple areas.

Shining at the top of the Accelerated Genetics line-up 014HO06429 MAN-O-MAN2 will likely rank fifth on the Top 100 TPI list. He rose 66 points in TPI (+2251) and 45 points in NM $ (+633). With 1847 daughters in his latest type proof and 3048 daughters in his latest production proof, MAN-O-MAN2 boasts tremendous daughter proven success. He continues to excel as an elite production sire and a calving ease sire (5.8% SCE, 5.3% DCE).

Perhaps the most impressive second crop success story is that of 014HO05300 MICAH. He rose 62 points in TPI (+1989), 44 points NM$ (+544), and climbed 301 points in PTA Milk (+1795). MICAH continues to be a great health trait sire, a high milk transmitter and sires daughters with strong dairy frames.

014HO05434 TRUMPadded 115 daughters to his August type proof and 184 daughters to his production proof. He will likely make the Top 100 TPI list. He maintained excellent numbers across the board especially for TPI (+2038), NM$ (+477) and PTA Milk (+1820). TRUMP continues to sire positive health traits, and high producing daughters, with an eye-catching combination of dairyness and strength.
 Ralma-RH Manoman Banjo-ET

014HO006429 MAN-O-MAN 2 Dtr: Ralma-RH Manoman Banjo-ET VG-88
Morsan Farms LTD, Ponoka, AB, Canada
9th Jr. 2 Yr Old RAWF 2012

014HO04916 JAKE added 754 daughters to his August type proof and 1785 daughters to his production proof . He made improvements or stayed close to his April proof numbers across the board. His greatest jump was 33 points in PTA Milk (+805). Jake continues to specialize in calving ease (5.0% SCE)
and sire daughters with great health traits and high fat yields.

O14HO04924 KRAMER will also likely make the Top 100 TPI list. KRAMER excels in both type (+1984 TPI) and production (+1439 PTA Milk). Furthermore KRAMER continues to excel as a positive health trait sire.

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