July 2013

7.31.2013 Queen Of Forages Featured On Public Television's Farm Connections
7.31.2013 Add a vigor boost while controlling weeds in alfalfa
7.31.2013 New Holstein Haplotypes to be Labeled with August National Genetic Evaluation
7.31.2013 DCHA Tip of the Week: Facility design with Beef Quality Assurance in mind
7.31.2013 PDPW Announces ACE On-the-Farm Twilight Meetings
7.31.2013 Entry Deadline for Forage Contest Nears
7.30.2013 Elsevier & ADSA Proudly Announce Winners of 3rd Journal of Dairy Science Most-Cited Awards
7.30.2013 Time with Friends, Quality Cattle Brings Maryland Ayrshire Family Back to All-American
7.30.2013 Wisconsin Farmers Union Supports Lawsuit Intervention Defending Country-of-Origin Labeling
7.30.2013 Massey Ferguson Introduces 1700 Series Compact Tractors
7.30.2013 Ferguson to Lead Analysis Webinar on Reproduction
7.30.2013 Big Fat Idea #4: Rufal
7.29.2013 CWT Assists with 2.2 Million Pounds of Cheese and Butter Export Sales
7.29.2013 Dairy Checkoff Update
7.29.2013 PDPW Puts on Milking Science Camp Exclusively in Spanish
7.29.2013 Dairy Grazing Pasture Walk
7.29.2013 ANIMART Announces the Feed-O-Meter™ Feeding Behavior Monitoring System

7.26.2013 Solving Hoof Care Problems: Tips from a Pro
7.26.2013 Minnesota Milk Commissions Report on Environmental Regulations
7.26.2013 CCFN Criticizes EU's Extortion Tactics on FTA Partners Regarding Geographical Indication Evaluations
7.26.2013 New app: Cheese Yield Estimator
7.26.2013 Kent Nutrition Group's Blue Seal, Blooming with Business and Celebration
7.26.2013 Dairy Farmers' Pride Renewed as Annual Meeting on Branding Draws to a Close
7.26.2013 Dynamic Additions to Strategic Communications Department
7.25.2013 Photo Contest Seeks Agricultural Photos from Across the Country
7.25.2013 USDEC, NMPF Support Vice President's Call for Renewed Trade Discussions with India
7.25.2013 North American International Livestock Exposition Dairy Shows Scheduled for Nov.8-12
7.25.2013 North American International Livestock Exposition Scheduled For Nov 9-22
7.25.2013 PDMP Summer Summit Shows Multiple Ways to Improve Dairy Operations for Increased Profit
7.25.2013 Fonterra Updates FY13 Forecast
7.25.2013 American Dairy Science Association New President
7.25.2013 Is Dairying Going to Under-Go a Metamorphosis?
7.25.2013 All West Select Sires Representative hits million-unit mark
7.25.2013 Generational Transfer More Than a Financial Matter
7.24.2013 WMMB Board of Directors Elects Fiscal Year 2014 Leadership
7.24.2013 National Jersey Leadership Named at Annual Meetings
7.24.2013 Management Tips for Corn Earworm and Western Bean Cutworm
7.24.2013 Contract essentials for raising dairy heifers
7.24.2013 Dairy Farmers Petition Food and Ag Commissioner Karen Ross to implement Dairy Crisis Deal
7.24.2013 Dairy Analyzer LLCTM Announces MARGINSMARTTM License Availability
7.23.2013 Ekstein named McKown Master Breeder
7.23.2013 Healthcare Live Webinars for Agricultural Employers
7.23.2013 A Leading French Research Institute Chooses BouMatic as "Dairy Sector" Partner
7.23.2013 Supreme Champion Dairy Heifer Tops Livestock Sale, Sets Record
7.23.2013 Vanilla Remains Top Ice Cream Flavor with Americans
7.23.2013 Vaccine Technology to Headline 2013 USAHA/AAVLD Annual Meeting
7.23.2013 Snider Legacy Lives for 50 Years at All-American Dairy Show
7.23.2013 Megan Buechner Joins Select Sires as Sales and Marketing Communications Specialist
7.23.2013 Respiratory protection isn't just for calves
7.22.2013 CWT Assists with 5.7 Million Pounds of Cheese and Butter Export Sales
7.22.2013 Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow Available Industry-Wide This Fall
7.22.2013 DCRC Announces Second Educational Webinar to Be Held August 1
7.22.2013 Goss's Wilt Prompted by Wet Weather, Severe Conditions
7.22.2013 Beat the Heat with AGSOURCE DHI Products and Services
7.22.2013 Dairy Situation and Outlook, July 20, 2013
7.22.2013 Kelley Country Creamery to Appear on "Good Morning America" Monday, July 22
7.22.2013 Future Cooperative Leaders Panel Explores Brand Equity
7.22.2013 Center to Host Dairy Financial & Risk Management Conference

7.19.2013 Future Cooperative Leaders Panel Explores Brand Equity
7.19.2013 Boviteq Opens Operations in Wisconsin
7.19.2013 Big Fat Idea #3: Don't Underestimate Your Silages
7.19.2013 Z Tags Video Contest Winners Announced
7.19.2013 2013 All-American Dairy Show Online Registration Now Open!
7.19.2013 Clean Recycled Water Produces Clean Recycled Sand
7.18.2013 Media Advisory - Dairy Farmers of Canada's Annual General Meeting
7.18.2013 Dr. Morris Freeman, Former Semex General Manager, Passes Away
7.18.2013 Holstein Association USA Holds Board Meeting during National Holstein Convention
7.18.2013 Producers Address Student Leadership at Fuel Up to Play 60 Summit
7.18.2013 DuPont Pioneer NAFB Grant Program Supports Hands-On Experience to Future Newscasters
7.18.2013 Zoetis employee honored at National Guernsey Convention
7.18.2013 Immucell Suspends Mast Out Partnering Effort; Pursuit of FDA Product Approval to Continue
7.17.2013 Dairy Wellness Quick Tips: Avoid hidden costs of antibiotic treatments
7.17.2013 PA Dairymen's Association Donates $10,000 to Center Foundation
7.17.2013 Combining No-Till with Cover Crops and Gypsum Can Increase Yields
7.17.2013 DuPont Crop Protection Introduces Stewardship Learning Series
7.17.2013 Youth Excel During National Holstein Foundation Contests
7.17.2013 DCHA Tip of the Week: Worker training and education are key to cattle care
7.17.2013 Holstein Youth Shine During 2013 National Junior Holstein Convention Competitions
7.17.2013 Horizon Organic Supports Next Generation of Organic Leaders with HOPE Scholarships
7.17.2013 Holstein Association USA Recognizes Outstanding Junior Breeders
7.17.2013 CWT Assists with 7.9 Million Pounds of Cheese and Butter Export Sales
7.17.2013 Holstein Association USA Holds 128th Annual Meeting in Indianapolis
7.16.2013 Bill Allen Rejoins Bio-Vet
7.16.2013 ‘Golden' Guernsey Family Celebrates 50th All-American Anniversary
7.16.2013 Evolution® X² Liner Allows For Fast Milking While Reducing Hyperkeratosis Risk
7.16.2013 All-American Dairy Show to Feature Dairy Oxen Demonstrations
7.16.2013 Kevin Herrick receives award from American Dairy Science Association
7.16.2013 Premium List Available for 2013 All-American Dairy Show
7.16.2013 DuPont Pioneer Announces New Pioneer® Field360™ Tools App for Growers
7.15.2013 US Jersey Today: Genomic Updates Posted
7.15.2013 SPREAD THE WORD!
7.15.2013 Canadian Dairy XPO planning to double in size for 2014
7.15.2013 2014 Holstein Association USA Delegate Election Underway
7.15.2013 Hershey and James Receive 2013 Select Reproductive Solutions™ (SRS™) Awards
7.15.2013 Wisconsin Farmers Union: House of Representatives Failed Farmers
7.15.2013 Holstein Association USA Recognizes Six as Distinguished Junior Member Finalists
7.15.2013 Corn Fungicide Decision Guide
7.15.2013 Calf feeding frequency: A look at the benefits
7.15.2013 Eighteen Students Selected to Lead Healthy Changes
7.15.2013 What's in a Name?
7.15.2013 Safe Quality Food Institute, Alchemy Release New Practitioner Training Course & Exam in Spanish
7.15.2013 Love of Show Cattle Brings Patrick Family to All-American for 50 Years
7.15.2013 Holstein Association USA Honors Accomplished Breeders & Industry Icons at Nat'l Holstein Convention
7.15.2013 Cool, Moist Conditions Earlier This Season Increase SDS Potential
7.15.2013 2013 Washington State Dairy Ambassador Selected
7.15.2013 Interact with Industry Experts at Expo Seminars
7.15.2013 Patz Introduces 1,100 Cu. Ft. 2400 Series II Trailer Vertical Mixer
7.15.2013 All-Dairy Antiques and Collectibles Show Accepting Exhibitors, Consignments
7.15.2013 Farm Bill Progress is Bittersweet

7.11.2013 IDFA Senior Vice President of Legislative and Economic Affairs,On House Farm Bill Vote
7.11.2013 Dairyland Seed Introduces HybriForce-3400 GEN-3 Hybrid Alfalfa
7.11.2013 House Passes New Farm Bill on Purely Partisan Vote of 216-208
7.11.2013 Lowell Lindsay to be Inducted into Canadian Agricultural Hall of Fame
7.11.2013 Ray joins Filament Marketing as marketing communications intern
7.11.2013 Wisconsin Farmers Union: Keep Farm and Nutrition Programs Together
7.11.2013 World Dairy Expo Continues to Climb in National Trade Show Rankings
7.11.2013 Select Sires Names Tim Baumgartner as Jersey Genetics & Marketing Specialist
7.11.2013 Information for Dairy Farms with under 300 mature cows
7.10.2013 Zoetis and The Roslin Institute collaborate to control Salmonella
7.10.2013 Semex Launches Annual Photo Contest
7.10.2013 NFU Board Stands Strong: Do Not Split the Farm Bill
7.9.2013 CWT Assists with 1.8 Million Pounds of Cheese and Butter Export Sales
7.9.2013 Heart-Check Mark Continues to Drive Beef Sales
7.9.2013 ANIMART Announces the Track a))) Cow™ Calf to Calf™ Program
7.9.2013 Diamond V Expands North American Dairy Team
7.9.2013 Krone NA Appoints New President/CEO
7.8.2013 Comer Unveils Project That Will Offer All-Kentucky Milk to Kentucky Consumers
7.8.2013 Diamond V receives FDA "functional claim" for dairy DMI
7.8.2013 Vekis CHEVROLET-ET now available in the US

7.5.2013 Farmer Hershberger Seeks Full Vindication
7.3.2013 Select Reproductive Solutions (SRS) Specialists Assemble for Progressive Training in Ohio
7.3.2013 New Select Sires Employees Benefit From Advanced Training
7.3.2013 Professional Dairy Producers Foundation awards grants for education projects
7.3.2013 NEW Dairy XPO – Dairy Industry on Steroids
7.3.2013 Help calves beat the heat
7.3.2013 All things dairy during Dairy Expo, July 16-18
7.3.2013 FDA approves FACTREL(R) for use with LUTALYSE(R) for fixed-time artificial insemination
7.3.2013 Central Life Sciences Announces Winners of ClariFly Future of Dairy Contest
7.2.2013 Yoder Family Helps Build All-American Dairy Show, Remains Integral Part 50 Years Later
7.2.2013 Don't give up on the farm bill!
7.2.2013 CWT Assists with 3 Million Pounds of Cheese and Butter Export Sales
7.2.2013 PDPW Launches Dairy's Visible Voice™
7.2.2013 LTC Instructor Honored at State Agriculture Banquet
7.2.2013 World Dairy Expo Online Dairy Cattle Entries Available Now
7.2.2013 USDA's High Estimated Corn Plantings Run Counter to Veteran Grain Marketing Analyst Opinion
7.2.2013 Central Life Sciences Announces Winners of ClariFly Future of Dairy Contest
7.2.2013 National DHIA scholarship application available online
7.1.2013 FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative awards $28,000 in scholarships
7.1.2013 Proper Nutrition Plays Key Role to Help Protect Dairy Cattle against Heat Stress
7.1.2013 Anderson Joins ANIMART as Marketing Associate
7.1.2013 2013 Holstein Association USA Convention and 128th Annual Meeting Preview
7.1.2013 Corn Silage Harvest Timing
7.1.2013 Drones: A new tool for field scouting at Landmark Services Cooperative
7.1.2013 New Generation Feeds Acquires Western Feed Supplements
7.1.2013 New Mobile Version for JDparts.Deere.com
7.1.2013 Discovery Farms Co-Leaders Named
7.1.2013 Chefs Battle for Taste and Speed Prizes at Dairy Farmers of Oregon Ice Cream Churn-a-ment

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