March 21 2019
Maggie C. Seiler joined the Hoard's Dairyman editorial staff in June 2015. Currently serving as Associate Editor, she covers feeding and nutrition, youth activities and heads up the World Dairy Expo Supplement
March 20 2017
Ryan Ebert, Mike Rankin, Dennis Halladay, Corey Geiger, Patti Hurtgen, Abby Bauer and Maggie Seiler
Jan. 24 2017
Contact information for members of the Hoard's Dairyman team
Sept. 18 2013
Patti J. Hurtgen joined the Hoard's Dairyman staff in December of 2009. In her position as Online Media Manager she is responsible for maintenance and updating of the website, managing the Hoard's...
May 29 2013
Jason Yurs has served as the Hoard's Dairyman Farm Manager since 2002. In this role, he oversees the daily operation of the nationally recognized Guernsey and Jersey herds. He trains and manages employees,...
March 22 2013
Abby J. Bauer joined the magazine staff as an Associate Editor in February 2013. She covers animal health, dairy housing and equipment and nutrient management. Previously, Abby worked for 6-1/2 years as...
March 30 2010
Geiger joined the Hoard's Dairyman editorial staff in 1995 as associate editor. As a member of the editorial team, he has traveled to dairy farms or attended meetings in 46 states while covering the dairy...