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Blog topics covering planting until harvesting

Working smarter, not harder (6/7/2016)
It's a different world without GMOs (3/9/2016)
Stop the disappearing feed act (11/24/2015)
Outside factors impact price and quality of forages (10/14/2015)
Shrink those feed losses (6/30/2015)
Is your feed accounted for? (4/9/2015)
California drought looks worse than ever (3/27/2015)
What To Feed Dairy Cows When Alfalfa's Sparse (2/20/2015)
Oxygen is the enemy (11/20/2014)
Forage shrink: what are you leaving on the table? (11/13/2014)
Are your forages underwhelming? (11/6/2014)
Fall harvest brings safety reminders (10/20/2014)
Cottonseed is cheaper, but for how long? (10/17/2014)
Feed price outlook for rest of decade: Low (9/12/2014)
What can you learn from cornstalk nitrate testing? (8/25/2014)
Shopping for grains is fun again (8/1/2014)
If you break it, help fix it (6/23/2014)
A scathing indictment about organic food marketing (5/30/2014)
GMOs: a new labeling reality? (5/15/2014)
It's official: 2013 was California's driest year ever (5/9/2014)
Hay is over $300 in some Western states (4/25/2014)
Don't let your feed control you (4/21/2014)
How's your sampling technique? (4/17/2014)
Spring reminds us to think runoff control (3/24/2014)
Grain markets are twitchy (3/14/2014)
Water worries low at World Ag Expo (2/14/2014)
Consider baleage when the sun isn't shining (2/6/2014)
Conserve your forage's value (1/23/2014)
Feed efficiency: The next dairy frontier (01/16/2014)
Ten tips for preventing hay fires (12/27/2013)
"Next year is going to be pretty good" (11/29/2013)
Political opposition to ethanol ignites in California (9/20/2013)
Know your numbers for corn and beans (8/22/2013)
A blur of change in farm equipment technology (8/9/2013)
55 years of alfalfa research (7/19/2013)
Major grain prices hit one-year lows (7/5/2013)
Mowers and balers and hay pricing, oh my! (6/24/2013)
Expect cottonseed prices to be higher this year (6/7/2013)
Hay may be a hot commodity this summer (5/21/2013)
Pastures need extra care after a drought year (4/30/2013)
What's being put on your fields? (4/18/2013)
Feed prices: Time to pull the trigger? (4/15/2013)
Twenty years of relentless dairy farm growth (3/1/2013)
Corn and milk move hand-in-hand (11/22/2012)
Reduce shrink to extend forages (11/13/2012)
Harvesting dairy quality hay comes at a cost (9/27/2012)
Livestock producers are feeling droughts effects (9/17/2012)
Drought spurs farmers to try fall oats for feed (8/30/2012)
Eyes wide open on drought-stressed forage options (8/29/2012)
Incorporate manure all the way to limit N loss (8/22/2012)
Hang on. A rebound is close. (8/20/2012)
Drought-stressed soybeans can make silage (8/17/2012)
Sustainability: A warm and fuzzy feeling or a logical direction? (8/15/2012)
Drought raises your nitrate toxicity risk (8/09/2012)
Smaller cotton crops expected in 2012, 2013 (8/01/2012)
Ignore silage losses at your own risk (7/27/2012)
Evaluate your forage options (7/26/2012)
Record almond crop expected in California (7/20/2012)
Uh-oh, they're back (7/13/2012)
When is enough labeling enough? (6/13/2012)
The squeeze tightens on milk price buying power (4/13/2012)
Brazil holds big brush in U.S. ethanol picture (3/16/2012)
How they control weeds and insects (3/12/2012)
What we've heard lately from Western milk producers (3/09/2012)
Are we ready to feed the world? (3/08/2012)
Corn versus ethanol: continuing the debate (2/09/2012)
The connection between agriculture and defense (2/03/2012)
Oilseed radishes provide natural tillage (1/30/2012)
Evaluating alfalfa-grass mixes (1/26/2012)
Corn, soybean markets down after USDA's crop report (1/12/2012)
Plant population per acre rising in grain corn (12/29/2011)
High hay prices causing dairies to feed less (12/23/2011)
Roundup Ready alfalfa: What are your thoughts? 10/27/2011
Top 10 grain-handling and bin management tips (9/26/11)
Take time to assess frost-damaged corn (9/19/11)
Forecast sees more corn for fuel than feed (8/19/2011)
Hate high hay shipping costs? This won't help (8/15/2011)
Nothing soft and fluffy about cottonseed prices (7/29/2011)
Will we be planting dry manure? (7/27/2011)
Phosphorus deserves our attention (6/13/2011)
Iowa, Nebraska getting corn crop planted (5/09/2011)
Corn planting well behind schedule (5/04/2011)
Cool weather will slow corn germination (4/25/2011)
Fame! Fortune! Forage! (4/22/2011)
Frost seeding clover into wheat shows promise (4/12/2011)
Alfalfa, CAFO litigation makes headlines (3/21/2011)
U. of Illinois economist speculates on 2011 corn acreage (2/24/2011)
Roundup Ready alfalfa now for sale (1/31/2011)
Seed company develops drought-tolerant corn (1/17/2011)
Roundup Ready alfalfa may be cleared for market (12/17/2010)
How safe are your bunkers? (12/15/2010)
Corn dry-down concerns for a wetter year (8/24/2010)
Record corn and bean crops forecast, but use up, too (8/13/2010)
Roundup Ready alfalfa awaits two rulings (5/26/2010)
Both corn and bean acreage could up (4/01/2010)
Record Crops of Both Corn and Beans (1/14/2010)

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