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Not one, not two, but three! (5/25/2016)
Did Temple Grandin just say that? (4/26/2016)
Strive for a higher pregnancy rate (1/20/2016)
That extra month has a cost (11/12/2015)
Webinar details latest in reproduction technologies (11/11/2015)
Putting genomic testing to use (10/20/2015)
Cooling dry cows more benefits than you thought (3/11/2015)
Tips from genomics gurus (3/6/2015)
A lighting strategy for your whole herd (12/15/2014)
A six-pack of new millionaires (10/29/2014)
Why do they genomic test? (10/8/2014)
What were the odds? (7/10/2014)
In search of the most feed efficient cow (6/24/2014)
Can genetics help reduce heat stress? (4/18/2014)
Embryo sales go under the microscope multiple times (4/14/2014)
What genomics can do for you (4/8/2014)
There's more to breeding Red and Whites than we thought (3/31/2014)
The right heifer herd size for you (2/25/2014)
What do you think about genomics? (2/7/2014)
Rethinking dairy genetics - Eight breeders to share needs in cows (1/15/2014)
Use genomic data to your farm's advantage (11/26/2013)
Improved reproduction begins with healthy cows (11/11/2013)
Another Dairy Cattle Reproductive Council meeting in the books (11/09/2013)
Honors bestowed for top reproduction (11/08/2013)
Moving pasture-based dairy forward (10/29/2013)
Calving heifers earlier no guarantee for more milk (9/24/2013)
The August Bull list is now available to download (8/20/2013)
Dairy farmers, your thoughts are needed (8/16/2013)
Balance is the key to anything (7/1/2013)
Grouping strategies affect transition cow health (6/4/2013)
Focus on your open cows (5/29/2013)
What you don't know can cost you (4/16/2013)
Hoard's Dairyman Bull List receives a face-lift (4/12/2013)
Dehorning is necessary, but so are solutions to make it less painful (4/8/2013)
Can we identify acidosis tolerant cows?(4/1/2013)
New plan unveiled for genomic evaluations (3/28/2013)
We've made great strides in improving udders (3/11/2013)
December Hoard's Dairyman Bull List ready to download (12/07/2012)
Don't blame nutrition for fresh cow problems (11/19/2012)
Even a little reproductive performance improvement pays off (11/12/2012)
The effects of resynchronization on fertility and economics (11/9/2012)
Reproduction awards presented at DCRC meeting (11/9/2012)
Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council meeting has started (11/8/2012)
Nation's top repro herds share details on nutrition (11/7/2012)
Setting the record straight on reproductive hormones (10/29/2012)
August 2012 Bull List ready to download (8/21/2012)
Reproduction webinar encourages protocol review (8/14/2012)
Genetic engineering: Who knows where it will go (6/22/2012)
It's time for final comment on future U.S. genetic evaluations (06/18/2012)
Comment on the Future of U.S. Genetic Evaluations (5/08/2012)
Genetic leaders to deliberate on future genetic evaluations (4/16/2012)
April Hoard's Dairyman Bull List ready to download (4/09/2012)
PTAs will be reduced on genomic males and females (3/26/2012)
Top reproduction herds are being sought (3/13/2012)
Genetic groups begin to share public comments, but more still needed. (2/13/2012)
For transition cows, should we try to group our breeding? (1/19/2012)
December Hoard's Dairyman Bull List ready to download (12/09/2011)
Heat stress road show rolls on (12/07/2011)
Where to go for Dairy Sire Summary Information (11/29/2011)
These herds get cows bred (11/04/11)
High cull cow prices should continue in 2012 (9/23/11)
Top dairy reproduction research to be presented this November (9/14/2011)
9 tips for cooling dairy cows (9/16/2011)
Breakthrough sexed semen process claimed (8/26/2011)
August Hoard's Dairyman Bull List ready to download (8/12/2011)
Happy Birthday, Gregor! (7/21/2011)
Red and Polled are gaining popularity! (7/26/2011)
Genomics accurately predicts class rank (7/25/2011)
Brachyspina *BY Carriers Identified (5/17/2011)
Do BRD and feed efficiency have genetic links? (4/29/2011)
Hoard's Dairyman bull list is ready to download (4/11/2011)
Hoard gave strong support to Wisconsin's genetics program (1/03/2011)
Hoard's Dairyman bull list is ready to download (12/10/2010)
More Bull=less hype (12/07/2010)
Three little red ladies (11/24/2010)
Set higher goals when breeding Holsteins (11/15/2010)
New genomics test now available (8/23/2010)
Hoard's Dairyman bull list is ready to download (8/20/2010)
Saving the world one slice of cheese at a time (7/27/2010)
Genomics garners much attention at Holstein Convention (7/05/2010)
Elite semen producers hit million unit mark (5/25/2010)
Colorful trend is underway in U.S. dairy herds (5/14/2010)
Genomics rapidly evolving; unanswered questions remain (4/28/2010)
Activity monitoring isn't just about heats (1/20/2010)
Hoard's Dairyman bull list now available (1/18/2010)

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