Dairy Management

Topics affecting how we run and operate our dairy operations

The "others" of feed efficiency (6/13/2016)
Working through the weaning commotion (6/6/2016)
Batter up! (6/2/2016)
Not one, not two, but three! (5/25/2016)
It all starts at the top (5/23/2016)
Caring for fresh cows in the Georgia heat (5/20/2016)
Strategize for succession planning (5/17/2016)
Build to meet the four basic needs (5/11/2016)
Temple Grandin airs her experience (5/10/2016)
New book features herd health (5/9/2016)
Keep the freestall barn looking like new (5/05/2016)
Delegate to make your team great (5/4/2016)
Rations: one or more? (5/2/2016)
Celebrate and say thanks (4/25/2016)
Always room to improve (4/18/2016)
Target rations for above-average cows (4/15/2016)
Weathering the new regular (3/28/2016)
Invest in these five employee "firsts" (3/23/2016)
The farm meeting (3/7/2016)
Balancing the breakeven (2/29/2016)
Take a wide-eyed look at your dairy (2/17/2016)
Vaccinations and good management maximize effectiveness (2/12/2016)
The art of cow whispering (2/8/2016)
Good cow care on a larger scale (2/3/2016)
Think twice about feedings (1/18/2016)
Feed Additives: When, where and how (1/15/2016)
Five tips for forage utlization (1/11/2016)
Objectively looking at technology tools (12/16/2015)
Climate change adding challenge to farming 11/30/2015)
Allow heifers to give your parlor a test drive (11/18/2015)
Don't mess with mud (11/16/2015)
That extra month has a cost (11/12/2015)
Webinar details latest in reproduction technologies (11/11/2015)
The end of tail docking is getting closer (10/30/2015)
Bedding for success (10/26/2015)
Time is too precious to be wasted (7/16/15)
Better close-up care pays for itself (7/15/2015)
Feed costs are up 108 percent since 2000 (7/10/2015)
The dairy labor cost trend is not good (7/3/2015)
Raised solo or in groups, calves have the same basic needs (6/10/2015)
Siding with the truth (6/1/2015)
Play by the rules (5/28/2015)
Farmers and restaurants depend on trust (5/26/2015)
Sick calves? Check your water (4/10/2015)
The next generation (3/30/2015)
Bedding choice drives pathogen load (3/26/2015)
Tales from the crypto (3/23/2015)
Please take this dairy safety survey (3/20/2015)
Reno wrap-up: did you attend? (3/13/2015)
Margins matter; manage for the cycles (2/11/2015)
Ten ways to control heifer mastitis (1/16/2015)
Transition cows are at high risk for health issues (1/14/2015)
A lighting strategy for your whole herd (12/15/2014)
U.S. milk quality has never been better (12/12/2014)
Cow milking is evolving toward robots (11/28/2014)
Why do cows die? (11/14/2014)
Clinical mastitis reduces cows' fertility (10/23/2014)
Cottonseed is cheaper, but for how long? (10/17/2014)
Mixed groups do more harm than good (10/16/2014)
Have you signed up for MPP-Dairy? (10/15/2014)
Is it winter yet? (10/13/2014)
My favorite thing at World Dairy Expo (10/10/2014)
What is holding you back? (10/9/2014)
Why do they genomic test? (10/8/2014)
Overcoming milk quality barriers (9/25/2014)
What is old might be new again (9/24/2014)
Feed price outlook for rest of decade: Low (9/12/2014)
Transfer the farm to the next (nonfamily) generation (9/4/2014)
New cows, new problems? (8/26/2014)
What can you learn from cornstalk nitrate testing? (8/25/2014)
The human element (8/14/2014)
A tracked number grows (8/11/2014)
No longer scared of sand (7/31/2014)
What you cannot see can kill them (7/30/2014)
Control flies this summer (7/28/2014)
Get out and get about (7/25/2014)
Slight alterations to management net more milk (07/16/2014)
Are you your farm's problem? (7/14/2014)
Improved starch digestion starts early (06/11/2014)
In search of the most feed efficient cow (6/24/2014)
Cooling has transformed Arizona dairying (6/20/2014)
Monitor manure, monitor health (6/17/2014)
Brown is the color of money (6/13/2014)
China craves dairy knowledge (6/12/2014)
Farming with Family Ain't Always Easy (5/19/2014)
Employ a people strategy (4/29/2014)
Don't let your feed control you (4/21/2014)
Can genetics help reduce heat stress? (4/18/2014)
Farm size matters, but not to the cows (04/16/14)
A no-brainer dairy investment (4/4/2014)
Focus more on the postfresh diet (4/1/2014)
Spring reminds us to think runoff control (3/24/2014)
Learn the nuances of sterile sampling (3/13/2014)
Be prepared for metabolic changes at calving (03/12/2014)
Dairy conferences provide limitless returns (3/10/2014)
Daily milk production is 11,740 pounds per farm (3/7/2014)
How they handle cropping and manure (2/27/2014)
Watch water intake, especially in cold weather (2/10/2014)
What do you think about genomics? (2/7/2014)
Know your tax options, but keep it simple (1/27/2014)
Conserve your forage's value (1/23/2014)
Feed efficiency: The next dairy frontier (01/16/2014)
Pain impacts animal attitudes (1/14/2014)
Learn from 2013 so your dairy will prosper in 2014 (1/13/2014)
Corn is cheaper, so why not distillers? (1/10/2014)
Employee reviews have merit (12/9/2013)
Profitability outlook for 2014 keeps getting better (12/6/2013)
"Next year is going to be pretty good" (11/29/2013)
Use genomic data to your farm's advantage (11/26/2013)
What is your dairy's purpose? (11/25/2013)
Should we worry about negative protein balance? (11/21/2013)
Consistent milking procedures are beneficial (11/18/2013)
Compost bedded pack barns can work (11/5/2013)
As temperatures fall, calf feed needs rise (11/1/2013)
Moving pasture-based dairy forward (10/29/2013)
One size mastitis treatment doesn't fit all (10/15/2013)
An opportunity for heifers on greener pastures (10/8/2013)
USDA ready to kick off dairy study (9/17/2013)
Hock lesions a measurement of lameness, too (9/10/2013)
Two families, one partnership (9/9/2013)
Why are dairy numbers growing in Washington? (8/30/2013)
Aim high . . . pick a low SCC target (8/23/2013)
Dairy farmers, your thoughts are needed (8/16/2013)
Troubleshooting calfhood disease starts with knowledge (8/13/2013)
Capitalize on your calves' routine (8/12/2013)
What have we learned about S. aureus mastitis in the past 50 years? (7/30/2013)
55 years of alfalfa research (7/19/2013)
Both large and small farms can excel at animal well-being (7/17/2013)
Remember, hot temperatures can kill calves, too (7/12/2013)
Young farmers face financing challenges (7/9/2013)
Precision dairy technologies will enhance cow care and management (7/2/2013)
Balance is the key to anything (7/1/2013)
In a surprising turn, the farm bill does not pass the House (6/21/2013)
National Dairy FARM Program videos hit 300,000 view last week (6/17/2013)
Feeding calves milk ad lib boosts immune system and average daily gains (6/12/13)
Expect cottonseed prices to be higher this year (6/7/2013)
Grouping strategies affect transition cow health (6/4/2013)
Hay may be a hot commodity this summer (5/21/2013)
Lameness undermines the management of a dairy herd (5/16/2013)
Pastures need extra care after a drought year (4/30/2013)
Can we identify acidosis tolerant cows?(4/1/2013)
California prohibits "use it or lose it" vacation policy(3/29/2013)
Aim for zero residues in milk and meat (3/19/2013)
Producers share insight on milking cows with robots (3/5/2013)
Twenty years of relentless dairy farm growth (3/1/2013)
Robots repairs are few and far between (2/26/2013)
These aren't your father's mastitis pathogens (2/25/2013)
World Ag Expo was a sunny success (2/15/2013)
Some of the best things are free! (2/13/2013)
Curtain about to rise at World Ag Expo (2/8/2013)
High forage is their dietary strategy (2/7/2013)
Milk quality superstars honored (2/1/2013)
Immigration reform could be on the horizon (1/31/2013)
2012 milk prices: good, bad and ugly (1/18/2013)
Odds of living to 100 are rising fast (1/11/2013)
Ten things we learned in 2012 (1/1/2013)
Consistent, efficient TMR feeding (12/11/2012)
Farmers never retire (11/26/2012)
U.S. milk per herd growth has been amazing (11/23/2012)
Corn and milk move hand-in-hand (11/22/2012)
Finding our face (11/21/2012)
"Introduction to Dairy Stockmanship" video (11/16/2012)
All cows can have a somatic cell count below 200,000 (11/15/2012)
Even a little reproductive performance improvement pays off (11/12/2012)
Don't leave heifer-raising money on the table (11/12/2012)
The effects of resynchronization on fertility and economics (11/9/2012)
Feed calves and heifers like you mean it (10/9/2012)
Reproduction awards presented (10/9/2012)
Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council meeting has started (11/8/2012)
$20 milk isn't special anymore (11/2/2012)
We are in a war with terrorists (10/24/2012)
Is water a bottleneck on your farm? (10/18/2012)
In-line milk testing is coming (10/17/2012)
A vital earpiece (9/26/2012)
Are you F.A.R.M.ing? (9/12/2012)
Cow comfort makes top milk production possible Easy as ABC! (9/11/2012)
Dairy farming apps could pay back (9/5/2012)
Don't forget about replacements when it's hot (8/31/2012)
Drought spurs farmers to try fall oats for feed (8/30/2012)
LGM-Dairy contracts available Friday (8/28/2012)
2012 dairy exports off to a good start (8/24/2012)
Drought-stressed soybeans can make silage (8/17/2012)
Sustainability: A warm and fuzzy feeling or a logical direction? (8/15/2012)
Smaller cotton crops expected in 2012, 2013 (8/01/2012)
Don't rely on feeding time to detect calf illness (7/30/2012)
Ignore silage losses at your own risk (7/27/2012)
Cooling cows more often may be worth it (7/23/2012)
Don't try to tackle your to-do list (7/16/2012)
When should heifers join your mature cow groups? (7/06/2012)
What doesn't kill a herd mate doesn't make her stronger (7/02/2012)
With proper management, recycled manure solids are quality bedding (6/25/2012)
Oil is down, so will hauling rates follow? (6/15/2012)
Use your feed dollars wisely (6/14/2012)
Will the future have room for you? (6/01/2012)
Dry matter has uses beyond the bunk (5/31/2012)
Consistency is key to completing many dairy farm tasks (5/28/2012)
The dairy industry's financial bleeding WILL stop (5/25/2012)
Southern California dairying is fading away (5/18/2012)
What risks are you taking with your smartphone? (5/17/2012)
Wooing California dairies while they're vulnerable (5/11/2012)
TED Talks for dairy farms (5/10/2012)
Milk quality is improving steadily" (4/27/2012)
Nutrient variation on farm is significant (4/26/2012)
Bedding will impact the time she spends lying down (4/10/2012)
What we've heard lately from Western milk producers (3/09/2012)
Ten common OSHA dairy violations (3/02/2012)
Keep your herd, and heifers, moving forward (3/01/2012)
South Dakota is open to the dairy industry (2/23/2012)
Many dairy producers still hesitant about risk management (2/10/2012)
Potassium, the rumen, and milkfat depression (2/02/2012)
2011: the highest milk price year in history (1/27/2012)
Are you going to be SMART in 2012? (12/27/2011)
High hay prices causing dairies to feed less (12/23/2011)
Cow comfort: a big impact on the bottom line (12/22/2011)
A 400,000 SCC milk limit after all (12/16/2011)
Heat stress road show rolls on (12/07/2011)
Is your farm at risk for residues? (11/16/11)
Fifth BVDV conference around the corner (11/01/11)
We are making progress in the SCC battle 10/27/2011
Corn and hay forecasts lowered again (10/21/2011)
Every bit (and bite) counts, especially in dairy nutrition (10/11/2011)
Three-times-a-day calf feeding gaining popularity (9/30/2011)
High cull cow prices should continue in 2012 (9/23/2011)
9 tips for cooling dairy cows (9/16/2011)
Be thankful for a dairy infrastructure (9/08/2011)
Perception of dairy as "bigger is better" has some merit (9/06/2011)
Manure composting: Great benefits don't come easy (09/02/2011)
Accurate Records: Links in the Dairy Food Chain (8/09/2011)
When working with dairy bulls, be vigilant (8/06/2011)
You-tube proof your dairy (7/23/2011)
Aggressive calf feeding makes more milk (7/22/2011)
It's hot out there! (7/19/2011)
Many grazing resources available (7/09/2011)
Heat Stress: 65 is the new 72 (6/14/2011)
Somatic Cell Count Tools Available (6/11/2011)
USDA gives environmental nod to pasture (5/25/2011)
Brands could soon to be out as ID choice for ranchers (5/24/2011)
If dairy cows could talk (5/10/2011)
Somatic cell legal limit will stay the same (5/05/2011)
Colorful trend is underway in U.S. dairy herds (5/14/2011)
20 Dairy spring cleaning tips (4/27/2011)
With calves, less can sometimes be more (4/15/2011)
Everything is right around the corner (3/02/2011)
Learn from our mistakes (3/01/2011)
Cell count limits; milk antibiotic testing highlight 50th NMC meeting (1/27/2011)
The four Dairy Management myths of Southern dairy farming (1/26/2011)
Stop learning is to stop living (1/25/2011)
Stay warm in cold temperatures (12/14/2010)
The best man for the job (11/16/2010)
Big SCC cut would not faze most dairies (11/05/2010)
Dairy Management improved again in 2009 (8/19/2010)
Stainless steel troughs and chlorine bleach fight Johne's (7/28/2010)
Bovine TB continues to pop up (7/09/2010)
Can we stop E. coli inside cows? (3/19/2010)
Dairy Management: the international dairy language (2/08/2010)

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