Dairy Promotion

The strides dairy makes to promote its product

Promotion is part of the job (6/16/2016)
Our story doesn't exist unless we tell it (6/9/2016)
Taking the class to the farm (6/3/2016)
Stepping up to June Dairy Month (5/31/2016)
It's time to say cheese (5/27/2016)
Five reasons to attend a dairy breakfast this June (5/19/2016)
Fueling up with chocolate milk (5/12/2016)
Healthy food, healthy mind (4/29/2016)
Bridging the consumer gap starts in preschool (4/19/2016)
Behind the music (4/13/2016)
To tour or not to tour (4/7/2016)
Taking action for the dairy industry starts at home (4/6/2016)
The real farm behind the name (3/30/2016)
Step up to the plate (3/22/2016)
The Rx for sharing our dairy life (3/10/2016)
"Adventures in Real Food" float wins Rose Parade award (1/6/2016)
Cheese is falling from the sky (1/4/2016)
More processing capacity coming to New Mexico (11/13/2015)
The slow demise of grocery stores (11/6/2015)
Beef up your diet (10/22/2015)
Georgia agriculture is more than peaches and peanuts (10/21/2015)
PETA cranks up the cute factor (8/4/2015)
Foodservice beef grows in value (6/23/2015)
Grilled cheese challenges chefs (5/6/2015)
Farmers celebrate Earth Day every day (4/30/2015)
Take a cue from the French (4/21/2015)
Milk's nutrition remains unmatched (12/1/2014)
Outcry for agriculture (11/24/2014)
Future supermarkets will feature - you! (11/21/2014)
No child immune to low levels of vitamin D (10/28/2014)
Is a value-added dairy enterprise right for you? (10/7/2014)
Milk ads for one and all (9/2/14)
Idaho dairying in another uproar (8/29/14)
Chocolate milk and athletes are a great combination (8/27/2014)
"My American Family" is fun learning (8/6/2014)
Dairy breakfast showcases family dairy and its expansion (6/18/2014)
Breakfast on the Farm events stimulate dairy consumption (6/04/2014)
How will you participate in June Dairy Month? (6/2/2014)
A scathing indictment about organic food marketing (5/30/2014)
May is Beef Month (5/21/2014)
Download your way to a healthier future (5/22/2014)
"Dairy Land" is child's play . . . and adults' too (5/16/2014)
Filling the need for protein (5/13/2014)
What makes Wisconsin cheese so special? (5/5/2014)
Consumer trust in food production growing (4/30/2014)
Does milk do a body good? (4/24/2014)
Dairy banquets not just for princesses (4/23/2014)
Say cheese for National Grilled Cheese Month (4/09/2014)
All aboard "The Great American Milk Drive" (3/27/14)
Exports can't be an afterthought (3/25/2014)
Recognizing attractive farms promotes a positive image for dairy industry (3/20/2014)
Organic consumers don't fit one mold (3/18/2014)
Speak up for the good of our industry (12/23/2013)
NFL player makes trip to Minnesota dairy farm (12/18/2013)
Students and farmers alike are excited about Fuel Up to Play 60 (12/10/2013)
E.U. tops the U.S. in cheese consumption (12/2/2013)
Dairy partnerships are paying dividends (11/13/2013)
A dairy advertising phenomenon turns 20 (11/8/2013)
Animals and humans can coexist (10/28/2013)
Promote dairy's diversity in food (10/23/2013)
Educate yourself on feed versus food (10/14/2013)
Feeding the world will need to start with feeding the mind (9/26/2013)
Bridging the gap between cows, curds and consumers (8/27/2013)
Consumer awareness begins with you (8/26/2013)
World Dairy Expo Championship Dairy Products Contest growing every year (8/21/2013)
A new venture has its roots in the 1800s (8/19/2013)
Milk consumption is declining with each generation
Hoard's Dairyman Farm hosted United States Embassy guests (7/29/2013)
There is family fun for all ages at Young's Jersey Dairy (7/22/2013)
Dairy Breakfast includes cows, concerts and energy converter (6/26/2013)
Very few drinking their "3-A-Day" (6/25/2013)
Event at local restaurant promotes dairy (6/18/2013)
National Dairy FARM Program videos hit 300,000 view last week (6/17/2013)
June is Dairy Month kicks off (6/05/2013)
Creating a niche market for dairy products and education. (4/23/2013)
Sometimes, what is on the outside does count (4/22/2013)
Vodka from milk? Cheers! (4/19/2013)
Dairy farmer is the preferred name (3/25/2013)
Emerging nations hold the key to growth (3/7/2013)
Elevated milk consumption provides an overall survival advantage (2/28/2013)
A drop in the bucket (2/20/2013)
One dairyman is "Face of Farming" (1/22/2013)
Greek yogurt deserves recognition (1/21/2013)
Spending has shifted towards restaurant dining (1/10/2013)
Reflecting on dairy's past and looking forward (12/17/2012)
They're at it again (12/05/2012)
Who is teaching society about agriculture? (12/4/2012)
Dairy Bowl: More than a contest (11/27/2012)
Finding our face (11/21/2012)
We are in a war with terrorists (10/24/2012)
We owe it all to the cow (10/16/2012)
Going toe-to-toe with Amanda Smith (10/10/2012)
Dairy farming parody goes viral (8/13/2012)
Picture yourself as a Packer, Raven or Viking! (8/07/2012)
Show pride and interact with consumers at the fair (8/06/2012)
Sharing the right information (7/24/2012)
Got a project? Here's some help (7/19/2012)
Hoard's Dairyman Farm replica on display at Dairy Shrine (7/17/2012)
Share a segment of the dairy industry that interests you (7/10/2012)
Help nonfarming neighbors and they will help you (7/09/2012)
Will the cover tradition be maintained in June 2012? (6/07/2012)
Social media can help build trust during dairy month (6/04/2012)
Dairy charity offers resources for all ages (5/30/2012)
End of a dairy nutrition era in California (6/07/2012)
Social media can help build trust during dairy month (6/04/2012)
Do you celebrate with dairy? (5/29/2012)
Minnesota event encourages young women to advocate for dairy farming (5/23/12)
Dairy is an unmatched component of a healthy diet (5/22/2012)
Speaking the dairy consumer's language (5/15/2012)
Farm tour creates ripples in Wisconsin county (5/03/2012)
Counting Kids to Maintain Farm Safety (4/24/2012)
June is Dairy Month, just around the corner (4/02/2012)
You can't fix stupid (3/23/2012)
Chobani yogurt is based on principle (3/22/2012)
How much do your friends know about the dairy industry? (3/06/2012)
Donors beginning to turn against HSUS (2/24/2012)
Milk's brain benefits (1/31/2012)
Going green in the dairy industry (1/10/2012)
McDonald's needs us, too (1/04/2012)
Stupid Camera Tricks (12/21/2011)
A 400,000 SCC milk limit after all (12/16/2011)
A different skinny on fat (11/25/2011)
Give thanks for food and farmers (11/23/2011)
New dairy fact-filled animated video launched today (11/22/2011)
Say Cheese and Sustainability (11/21/2011)
Domino's bets added cheese will further grow brand (11/15/11)
Want to sell direct? Try a website that does it for you (11/09/11)
Symposium debate to address school lunch programs (11/03/11)
The swimsuit and mustache partnership (10/19/2011)
Spreading the dairy message, one family at a time (10/18/2011)
Prepare for next October's Farm to School Month (10/17/2011)
Making a dairy big difference (9/20/11)
U.K. enhances milk promotion campaign (9/01/2011)
People really do think their food comes from the store! (8/29/2011)
Chocolate milk's makeover (08/25/2011)
Milk: option or necessity? (8/24/2011)
Consumers love farmers (8/23/2011)
Cows, tuxedos, and glitter (8/20/2011)
The tradition of dairy twilight meetings (8/16/2011)
Benefit from 3-A-Day (8/13/2011)
Go ahead, butter-fy yourself! (8/10/2011)
Cornell's "Got Milk" (7/14/2011)
Share your story (7/07/2011)
Half-Marathon participants prefer chocolate milk, too (6/23/2011)
The chocolate milk talk just won't die (6/22/2011)
It is STILL June Dairy Month! (6/15/2011)
Dairy earns special spot on the nation's table (6/09/2011)
Cows head to the Capitol (6/07/2011)
Wars we wage in dairy and agriculture (4/26/2011)
Dairy Exports running strong (4/20/2011)
Dairy recommended as a cornerstone in American diets (4/05/2011)
Food Safety is a priority (3/22/2011)
2010 was another record year for dairy exports (3/18/2011)
How much do consumers really know about dairy? (3/08/2011)
Super Bowl serves as a launch ad to counter childhood obesity (2/07/2011)
World demand for dairy keeps growing (1/24/2011)
When Milk is no longer milk (1/12/2011)

Learning from the country cousin (12/21/2011)
China wants more milk; subsidizes A.I use (12/09/2010)
Lactose: Taken in moderation (11/30/2010)
Confidence and Competence (11/22/2010)
A second-rate artist or a first-rate soup? (10/26/2010)
We're in the export business for good (10/15/2010)
U.S. taking a big share of global dairy demand rebound (10/08/2010)
Confessions of a never was track star (9/15/2010)
Dairy Consumption numbers look good (9/09/2010)
Fortified milk can counteract childhood malnutrition (8/25/2010)
Snacking, a golden opportunity for the dairy industry (8/10/2010)
Danone makes a bold sales assumption - is yogurt the reason? (8/04/2010)
Agricultural advocacy at its finest (8/03/2010)
Canadian dairy producers set a world record (7/20/2010)
Parents have always stressed the importance of eating a good breakfast (7/13/2010)
Do you love dairy? Prove it.t (7/07/2010)

World's Best Jersey cheese crowned (6/16/2010)
No difference seen in regular, organic, and BST free milks (5/28/2010)
Raw milk reason prevails just in time (5/21/2010)
DMI's quick-serve partnerships for long-term dairy growth (5/12/2010)
Domino's Pizza soars with new recipe (5/05/2010)
Dairy exports pipeline flowing again, but risk remains (4/09/2010)
Raw milk: Consumer lives are at risk (4/02/2010)
The raw milk battle heats up (3/31/2010)
Hoard's visits with DMI board member Steve Maddox (3/30/2010)
Our future in yogurt (3/24/2010)
A hard fall for school soft drink sales (3/12/2010)
They checked the facts on lactose intolerance (3/03/2010)
A fatal flaw in cheese making that you could be causing (2/24/2010)
Dairy Farmers joining with NFL and USDA (2/18/2010)
Ben and Jerry's stance on the environment, BST, organics, and farm Economics: You might be surprised (2/17/2010)
Self Magazine Touts Benefits of Cheese (1/04/2010)

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