Dec. 17 2012 09:22 AM

National Dairy Shrine updates exhibits.

boy looking at National Dairy Shrine displayHistory is constantly evolving, so the records of the past are in continual motion. National Dairy Shrine is working on renovations to the Joe P. Eves Library and displays surrounding it. During World Dairy Expo visitors could see three of the new display cases that have been completed. While Expo draws tens of thousands of guests, not all are able to travel to Fort Atkinson to see the National Dairy Shrine and Hoard Museum.

Recent additions
The first new display portrays the seven breeds, complete with history and model cows for each breed. Further down the path, is the show ring alcove. With the Klussendorf Trophy as the centerpiece. It is flocked by the Al Hay, Merle Howard and Klussendorf-McKenzie awards. Signage shares the history of Art Klussendorf and role the show ring has played in the industry. Around the next corner, young people are featured. Awards from the national dairy cattle and dairy products judging contests, along with photos of youth activities like judging, dairy bowl and dairy jeopardy are shared.

Also, updates were made downstairs. New display boards contain photos of the past national breed champions.

A temporary display at the museum was the Klussendorf panels, celebrating the 75th year of the award and depicting all past honorees. A previous blog discussed the history of this special award.

To see the panels with all Klussendorf winners, watch below:
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During this holiday season, we often reflect on the past year. However, National Dairy Shrine continually reflects on the past year, decade and century in the dairy industry. From the early milking and processing equipment, visitors can see how things "used to be done."

Watch below to see some of the new items at the museum, while remembering just how far we have come. You'll notice a few past Klussendorf winners posing with the coveted award taken this fall.