Oct. 25 2018
For the most part, North American data collection for genetic evaluations operates much like it did in the 1960s, with data collected through traditional milk recording systems. While farmer-recorded
Sept. 25 2018
Our English edition of the magazine has traversed the globe since 1885. Even though dairy farmers in more than 60 countries subscribe to our signature publication, people prefer to read and comprehend
May 25 2018
A year has passed since Canada circled its collective domestic milk market wagons and deployed the Class 7 milk pricing strategy. Since then, Canadian and U.S. dairy interests have sparred in a h
May 10 2018
It's pitiful past performance invoked indifference among dairy farmers. However, significant updates to the Margin Protection Program for Dairy (MPP-Dairy) should cause everyone to take a second look
Feb. 25 2018
Every dairyman and dairywoman should be asking themselves that very question. With milk prices below the cost of production for most of us, it’s challenging to justify the number of calves and heife
Feb. 10 2018
The genomic era not only has revealed a great deal about an animal’s genetic makeup from a DNA sample at birth, this in-depth study of the genome has allowed us to accelerate genetic progress. Aside
Jan. 25 2018
Automated milking systems have become top of mind for many of us who milk cows. While these installations come with a steep up-front cost, the reduced labor needs and associated predictability in milking...
Sept. 10 2017
In 2000, the first pair of milking robots, known to bureaucrats as Automated Milking Systems (AMS), began milking cows on a commercial dairy farm in the U.S. But don’t tell the Food and Drug A
June 15 2017
Last year, dairy farmers delivered the safest milk supply to consumers in modern U.S. history with a mere 0.011 percent of bulk milk pickup tankers testing positive for antibiotic residues. While perf
May 25 2017
Even though many of our farms have been in our communities for generations, that doesn’t mean we can have a “we were here first” attitude. Quite to the contrary, neighbor relations should...
May 10 2017
It has been well documented that smaller dairy farms contribute less milk to the national bulk tank these days
April 25 2017
By creating a new category of regulations, Canadian government officials once again circled the wagons to shelter their domestic dairy markets. While “bringing home” an estimated $150 million...
April 10 2017
There is good reason that state leaders place so much energy recruiting dairy farms to their region. That’s because our businesses represent significant economic engines that generate jobs and comme
Feb. 25 2017
While beef prices have been making a rebound from last fall’s market bottom, dairy beef hasn’t benefited from the improvement in meat prices. That’s because the demand for our bull calves
Feb. 10 2017
It’s high time that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) enforce its own existing regulations that clearly define milk as originating from dairy animals
Oct. 10 2016
One of the most perplexing questions regarding the sustainability debate centers on “What should we eat?” While a host of advocates champion one diet or one farming method over others, a comprehen
Aug. 10 2016
Editorial: Sustainability could reduce food waste The work by the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy has placed the dairy sector in the forefront of the sustainability movement. While dairy was an early...
July 15 2016
Work at leading research universities and private sector labs indicates that we will be able to alter the genetic makeup of many farm animals within the next few years. The question remains: Will consumers...
June 15 2016
For nearly 20 years, glyphosate-resistant corn and soybeans have been planted by farmers and fed to livestock without too much ruckus. And rightly so, as there is no way to determine if a cow or any other...
May 25 2016
Imagine how frustrating it is to aim at a moving target. It can make you feel annoyed, stressed, and even defeated. Unfortunately, this is the very challenge faced by many young dairy exhibitors in showmanship...